Sandal socks

I knitted these up the other night, they were quick and easy, and used very little yarn. I used the scraps from a pair of socks I made out of Sassy Stripes.

Cute - I love those colors!

Gotta love those socklets!


Very cute! I have a pattern for those and I’ve never gotten around to making them. Certainly would solve my blister problem.

those are great - they are on my long list of things to do too lol

Those are sooooo cute!

:smiley: Too cute!!!

thanks y’all. I wore them today and if I make any more of them I’ll make them a bit longer. it might just be the sandals I was wearing, but they didn’t quite go high enough to keep the strap from rubbing the side of my foot. but otherwise I love 'em. :smiley:

Ohmygosh those are so cute. I totally had a blonde moment. I was sitting here thinking how cute they were but asking myself what purpuse that they served… and then I read further about the straps rubbin on the skin. DUH. Gosh gotta love those blond moments :slight_smile:

What a cute idea!