San Diego - Lavender Days Festival

Among the assorted SoCal threads, I don’t see one specific to San Diego. I need one to post a link to the 5th Annual Lavender Days Festival being held next weekend (6/23-24) at The Lavender Fields in Valley Center. On Saturday, there will be hand-spinning wool at the Wool Shed. Anyone? Free admission, based upon everything I see on the website.

I’ve never been to Valley Center, which is about 15 miles from my house. There’s also Bates Nut Farm, where “nuts from all over the world meet.”

:frowning: I can’t wait to get back to San Diego. There’s not even an LYS here. The closest one is 80 miles away, but it’s tiny and doesn’t have much of a selection. The one good thing is that they offer spinning classes which I’m going to take on Tuesday.

Eighty miles to take a spinning class? :shock:

Hurry back home!

:doh:I forgot that we’re going to see the Padres next Saturday and Sunday. The Red Sox are in town.

If anyone’s interested in visiting the Lavender Fields the following Saturday instead (which is the last Saturday they’re open until next April,) they’re offering a how to craft a lavender wreath class that I’d be interested in attending. If you plan to go to the festival, I hope it’s fun!