San Berdoo/Riverside/Palm Springs

Always trying to find a knitting group around me. I know there are some out there somewhere that aren’t too far away.

I am in Palm Desert area, near Palm Springs. But I would be willing to drive up to maybe an hour away once a month or so to get together.

hi, I’m in highland, which is near san bernardino [color=darkblue][/color]

Cool, I’m in Highland, too.


Okay, that’s cool. Maybe we should set up a meeting sometime?

sounds good.

Woo hoo! There’s a new LYS in Redlands called The Yarn Deli across the street from the post office and Walmart. New to me, anyway. It looks like they just opened last year, but I only heard about them last week. From the looks of their website, they seem to have a pretty good knitting group. And they have a free knitters night on Wednesdays! I’m going to try to check them out next week.

(I know there’s another yarn shop in town but they permanently lost my business a couple of years ago.)


Woo hoo! There’s a new LYS in Redlands called The Yarn Deli across the street from the post office and Walmart.
Hey Debi - I just read about this shop last night on another board and visited the shop’s website today. Looks great! It’s over an hour from me but I don’t care. I’ll have to check it out soon. :happydancing:

(I know there’s another yarn shop in town but they permanently lost my business a couple of years ago.)
W/out naming names - the only other yarn shop I know of in Redlands is an overall needlearts shop a few doors down from a local quilt shop. I have to admit, I wasn’t overly impressed the few times I visited. The Yarn Deli sounds like just the right shop at just the right time. :slight_smile:

I have been going to the Yarn Deli since they opened in October. Their knitting group meets on Wednesday nights from 6-9 pm. It is a really nice friendly group. The owners are very welcoming and are generous with help. I often drop by to ask advice about something new I am trying.

I do enjoy going to the Enchanted Unicorn sometimes too. They are a little more rigid about what yarn you use while you’re there, but the people who go to knit are nice too.

You really should try them out. I LOVE having people to sit with and talk while I knit. Sharing a cup of tea and a snack is pretty cool too.
Hope to see you there sometime.

I have been going to the Yarn Deli since they opened in October…The owners are very welcoming and are generous with help.
That’s good to hear. I’ve been in too many shops that had nice enough yarn, but really snooty employees. I’ll try to get out there sometime this summer. Can’t ever make the knitting nights, though. I don’t do nights. :wink:

I’ve been in Enchanted Unicorn a few times, but didn’t care for it. Different strokes, I guess. :slight_smile:

I’ve been to Yarn Deli twice now. Both owners were there the first time and they were friendly and helpful - very un-snooty! I left with my first hank of Malabrigo, which I just had to buy so I could see what all the fuss was about. (Love it.) :smiley: Now I have a few reasons to go back, one of which is to see how Becky’s(?) needle-felted pizza purse turned out. :happydance:


Hi Zazzu, where are you located in the HD?

I live in Phelan so I was curious as to where you might be?

Interesting about the new LYS in Redlands, I will have to go and check it out, my MIL lives in Mentone and my 18yr old son has been living down there, at Easter he took me for a drive through downtown to show me where he and his friends go to on Market night. (Thursdays). He showed me a couple of stores, I wonder if one of them was the new one? It was besides a pizza place…

Hi Lostkiwi…I’m in Joshua Tree and there are NO yarn shops in the Morongo Basin. There was one when I moved here, but the owner got sick and moved back east near family. I figured it was because business was bad, but several knitters have told me that she did very well here. If that’s true, I wonder why no one else has opened a yarn store?

Not looking forward to the long drive, but I’m itching to check out Yarn Deli soon. I’ve heard there’s a really nice, newer Jo-Ann’s in Redlands too, so I’ll have to hit that too.

So, you’re in Phelan. Have you been to that yarn shop in Apple Valley - Fanciwerks (I think)? It’s next door to a quilt shop that I did visit, but I didn’t have time to go into the yarn shop. I know, sacrilege. :lol:

Hi Zazzu,
Nice to meet you! I haven’t been to the store in AV, in fact a couple of weeks back, I called to find out hours etc, and if they carried Tofutsies yarn and even though it was business hours there was no reply. I ended up placing my order online with great prices but the shipping was a bit much. The order took longer than expected to arrive but the yarn is great! Sometimes if you can get a good deal on shipping it seems to be equivalent to what it would cost some of us to do the long drives, trouble is, I know we all miss the touching. (Oh and for me, the smell, I love the smell…)
It would take me a good hour to get to AV now with all the new traffic, as long as the drive to Redlands! My daughter just came home from a week in Palm Springs, now she is off to Newport Beach for a week.
I’ll check with my son to see if he remembers the name of the YS in Redlands, perhaps it is yet another one. I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

You know, it wouldn’t surprise me if Fanciwerks went out of business. A nice yarn shop in Palm Desert went under a while back, and I’d had such high hopes for them. It was the only non-snobby yarn store in that area. :pout:

I agree…shopping for yarn online just isn’t the same. Great deals are there, but you don’t get to really see, feel and smell the yarn.

I’m talking myself into making that drive, apparently. :slight_smile:

Hi Ladies,
I live in Pinon Hills:) I love Fanciwerks. Yeah, they ARE the only game in town but the owner, Lynn is a jewel. She remembers everyone and little details about each person. I love going in and being greeted with a smile and genuine happiness to see me. I don’t always buy something and am still welcomed with open arms. Lynn does get a little disjointed sometimes with a lot going on and may miss a few calls but we are all human!
Lynn has donated VERY generously to my homeschool conference two years in a row! We make up knitting and crochet baskets for the door prizes and Lynn donates several hundred dollars worth of spectacular yarns to the cause. She really does have a big heart!


Just had to chime in a bit for Fanciwerks Yarn Shoppe in AV…I am new to the whole world of knitting but I sure am glad I got my start there. Lynn is the sweetest person and I’ve personally seen her take as much time as needed to make everyone feel comfortable. Yeah, sometimes the phone has someone on one line, and someone holding on another which blocks the other calls - but that’s just because she is trying her best to answer everyone’s questions. If you give it a couple minutes and call back, she’ll do the same for you as well. I highly recommend going in and meeting her - touch and feel all the great yarn in there or just have a cookie (she always has such great treats). Anyway, I would have given up on knitting long ago if it hadn’t been for that shop and I just wanted everyone to know that Fanciwerks has definitely NOT closed. Thanks.