San antonio trip canceled-pic 4 kelly k

my hubbies sales meeting to san antonio has been post-poned due to the newest hurricane. my ticket can be changed but not refunded. any ideas on a good place to visit? Looking for a destination with yarn stores, health spa and food in a warm location. Typing from my phone cause we are in a hurry!

WOW! What an opportunity! What’s the value of your ticket? Where CAN you go?

Taos New Mexico, never been there but heard they have the most amazing stores and it is more of an artist commune type of place. Shame San Antonio is out, they have wonderful shopping. How about Arizona? Lots of spa and every city has to have a yarn shop dont they>

I’m not sure the value of the ticket. We will have to figure that out in the morning. I would like to keep the plane ride about the same amount of time. I live in North Idaho & will fly out of Spokane, WA. I read something about Taos not too long ago, it sounded pretty interesting.

Ya know, I really shouldnt even try to suggest anything. All I keep thinking about are the hot migratory routes of interesting birds…(hummingbirds are ALL OVER Arizona right now!!) Im a nerd. :shifty:

I have been really busy since we got back, so I haven’t had time to post. We decided on a resort spa in Tucsan. Westward Look. It was great! Good people. So warm & relaxing. Look at the pic to see what we saw. This is the first and the best pic I could get.

I didn’t think to take pics when we went to the lys. They were ok, but not as great as the places I went in Seattle when visiting family. We fell in love with a used book store. It was huge! We were lucky to not have discovered it until the end of the trip or we might have spent the whole time there or at the sister store. I am into natural stones & their metaphysical properties, so we were glad to find a wonderful all natural bead store on the way to somewhere else one night.

The trip was to celebrate our tenth anniversary(it was in August) and Kevin finally found a new ring while we were there. We had been looking for over a year. I actually found one this summer & we were able to pick it up on our anniversary.

Sounds like ya’ll had a wonderful trip :cheering: :cheering: YAY…love the pic :heart:

Aww, I love the pic! :heart: Very nice shot, too–those hummers are quick!

OMG That’s an AWESOME shot!!! Thanks SO much for remembering me, Christine!! :heart: My DH is gonna DIE over that pic!!

i must confess that birds completely creep me out (except for ducks …i love ducks for some reason) but that is an absolutely GORGEOUS shot! beautiful!

They do have a way about them…back when we had our house, I kept a hummingbird feeder up from March until October. Typically, in any given season, I’d have about 3 or 4 darting about, sometimes upwards of 8 or 10 during migrating season, but not more than that.

One year, though, in mid September, I guess a bunch were heading further south and we were on the migratory path. Well, we had about a hundred of them feeding. This lasted for around 3 weeks.

I kept four feeders out, and I had a beast of a time keeping them filled. I was making a gallon of sugar water every day! And talk about creepy–they were flitting about like they do in that erratic (to us, anyway) zig-zag way. It sounded like a hive bees was attacking our house. Going out to get the feeders was scary–they’d fly right at me and hover near my head, watching me. :shock:

I do love, them, though.

WHat kind of camera do you have that you can catch a hummingbird in flight? Great shot!

It is a Sony Cybershot. It’s our travel cam, because it is very small. It works really well in good lighting. Indoors, it doesn’t work quite as well. Check out my this post to see what i mean. The pic i took of my Hubby is better since i have a more steady hand. It also takes videos, which my kids love to do when we are out & about.