San Antonio & Houston LYS

Dh & I are getting ready to go to San Antonio and Houston in just over a week - our first vacation since our honeymoon 10 years ago! :o While we’re visiting, I’ve made my friends & family promise to take me to “the best” yarn stores. The problem is that they don’t normally go to LYS so they don’t know where to take me. :frowning:

What are your suggestions? Where are the best places for me to go on a shopping spree while we’re visiting? I promise to repay your suggestions with yarn porn. :wink:

in houston

yarns 2 ewe
nancy’s knits
yarntopia - in katy

Yarn Barn of San Antonio

4300 McCullough Avenue

San Antonio TX 78212

(210) 826-3679

I like this yarn shop in San Antonio.

Can someone compare Nancy Knits to the other two in Houston? I’ve been to the other two and Yarn Barn in SA, they are really sweet.

Check out He lives in Houston and is a designer so I’m sure he knows where every single LYS is! He also has mentioned a couple of them on the blog before.

I need to get with it. I haven’t been to any of those. Not that I can AFFORD them, mind you! :wink:

I know Crochet Dude has some of his patterns at Yarntopia. And he has talked about Yarntopia. LOL thats how I learned about it.

I think Mer has been to Nancy Knits. Maybe we can get a review from her.

Here’s what I know about them. Yarns2ewe has tons of sock yarn. Very large selection of just about everything. The ladies who frequent the shop have held my baby while I look around, pay etc.

Yarntopia is a smaller newer shop. VERY friendly, VERY baby friendly. I took my three year old and 8 month old in and spent a relaxing time as they played with books, toys, etc. and I carried the 8 month old around mostly. They also have a changing table in the restroom. I’ve taken a class there and one of there teachers is a Knitty designer. Real sweet, pretty knowledgeable. Relaxing, sweet people, kinda reminds me of this place. It feels like a family there. I’ve seen the shop owners handle “situations” in a real sweet way.

Yarn Barn is also wonderful. Its a large shop but also has needlework. So they probably have the same amount of stuff as Yarntopia. They will bend over backwards and at times I’ve had four different women ask if I need help finding stuff. Even the knitters who are there are so sweet.

What are you shopping for specifically?

:?? I need something specific in mind? :??

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I just want to see what other LYS have in store. kwim? It seems like, while there are little changes, my LYS has mostly the same stuff all the time. I’m excited to see if there are different things available in different parts of the country. :slight_smile:

I’m emailing my friend & family with those names to see which would be most convenient for while we’re there. TY so much!!! :muah:

I want to check them out and see what’s different from Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart. I’m hoping for more wool choices, but I’m not very hopeful about the prices. :pout:

<giggle> Of course you dont have to have anything in mind. :slight_smile: Just thought I’d ask.

i LOVE nancy’s knits…she ahs a ton of stuff too! a lot of more basic and simple yarn, where yarns 2 ewe has a lot more hand dyed and frilly stuff!
both are awesome!
i used to go to nancy’s knits all the time (i like it more than y2e)
but we moved out to katy and yarntopia is about 2 minutes away!
nancy also has a HUGE selection of addi’s!

Hey knitaddict, I’d probably recommend Yarns 2 Ewe if you’re in town in Houston–they have the biggest selection of any store I’ve been to. Not the best prices, but good stuff. I’ve only been to Nancy’s Knits a couple times even though I live a few blocks away. I’m not sure why–it’s ok, but very crowded feeling to me–all the yarns are piled way up and it’s hard to see things. I guess I feel a bit closed in there. :shrug:

There are other small shops–Mary Charles Yarn and Nimblefingers–but they don’t have as much stuff. Very cute though, and the folks there are friendlier I think!

I’ve really really really wanted to go to Yarntopia. I’ve heard great things about it and I know they have sales all of the time!

Have a great trip! What else are you going to do in the area? :slight_smile:

yarntopia has the best prices of the three (y2e and kn)

I’m starting to think I won’t have any time left! lol

For Houston I have no idea - we’re leaving the planning for sightseeing up to our friends. As for San Antonio we’re hoping to go to Sea World and there’s a museum for kids that we want to take ds to, and my dad wants to take dh golfing a couple of times. I know that dh wants to go see the Alamo again. Other than that, I mainly plan on eating!!! Rudy’s and Tex-Mex and Mexican and steak! Can’t get it any better anywhere else. :slight_smile:

not really much to do in houston…we have museums…thats about it…lol

Yarntopia is my favorite. It is so friendly. First time going, you may have trouble finding it though (I did). It is somewhat small but so nice that my husband is going there on his own with my shopping list today. I work late so he’s doing me a great favor. (I even asked him if he wanted me to order it online, and he said no, that he’d go to Yarntopia.

The first LYS I went to in Houston though was a bad experience. Merebee (Sp?) Needleworks. Huge store but not friendly. I don’t know if it was just me, or she was having a bad day. But I will not be going back there. I wish there was an LYS in my area (Bear Creek).

Space Center Houston is pretty cool.

Edited: The San Jacinto Monument is not to be missed. It is where the Texans defeated Santa Anna’s army after the massacre at the Alamo.