Samsung Glide? Help!

So, my cell phone is getting old and it isn’t working as well as I would like it to. I’m eligible for an upgrade but I can’t decide which phone to get. The LG enV is what I really wanted but the price has gone up and up and now it’s more than I want to spend. I want a querty keyboard because I text. I like the Samsung Glide but it has a touch screen and I’m scared I’ll break it. Does anyone out there have either of these phones to give me an idea of what they are like? Do you like them??? It’s impossible for me to get to the Verizon store with my kids so I need some input from you all!!


My son tried the samsung glide, but traded it in for the samsung instinct which he totally loves! (He has Sprint.)
It can do EVERYTHING! Streaming video, live TV, full qwerty, texting, email, surf the web, you name it! Super fun phone!

You can even TALK on it! Whadaya know! LOL!


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I had the EnV and didn’t like it, though I think I am in the minority there. It was harder for me to text one handed because of how wide the keyboard is. I ended up using the keypad on the front to tap text a lot anyway.

I moved to the Q9m and LOVE it. When I decide I am ready to change again, I will most likely go to the Q9c or whichever Q is available then (it will likely be soon though.) If Vzw had the lime green version of it, I would already have the phone.

I am not a fan of the touch screens though I might change my mind if I had more time to play with one.

I actually, finally, went down to the Vz store and asked the guy about the glide. He told me it was a bad product, there were tons of problems with them and that I should steer clear. What a nice guy!!! There really isn’t a phone I love that I can afford right now so I suppose I’ll just wait. I’ll get a bigger discount in March, if my phone lasts that long!!!

my friend has the glyde. she is always dropping it so she bought a case/skin and used that. it added a little padding. she hasnt broke it yet!! hope this helps

Have you checked online? Verizon has online only upgrade phones that aren’t offered in the store. I’m looking at them online to see which ones I think I like, then I’m going to take that information and look at the actual phones at the store to see which I really like and then order my upgrade on line (I hope).

I have an LG rumor… It’s not as fancy as some phones on the market, but I really like it. It has a slide out keyboard and is super easy to navigate. :slight_smile: Talking/camera/media player/camcorder/internet/text keyboard… It’s got what i need and more. LOL I actaully don’t use the media player, camera or camcorder almost at all. I don’t use the internet on my phone… So basically I use it for talking and texting. :slight_smile:

You can also go to places online like to upgrade for your phone company and get phones that would normally cost big money for free. I have a friend who did this and got a $200 phone free. There was no catch. They don’t have all the phones a company offers but its worth checking it out.

Thanks! I did check the “letstalk” website and their phones are no cheaper than on the Vzw website. I think there really isn’t a phone that I like so I’ll just wait. I REALLY liked the EnV the first time, in orange, and it’s not available anymore and I’m not totally nutty about the EnV that’s out now. Maybe something new will come out that I can afford…