Sampler Stitch Purse

Happy Mother’s Day! I am a knitter newbie… I started the Sampler Purse but am not liking how it is coming out with the Worsted Yarn that I chose (love the color but not the look) Has anyone ever used the cotton that dishcloths are made from? That may be a silly :roflhard: question but knew someone would be kind enough to answer… TTFN anne :x:

I have not made that purse, but cotton sounds MUCH better than worsted…were you using acrylic? The cotton will give it much more body/stability, IMO. :slight_smile:

good luck, and show us a picture when you are done!!!

Worsted weight cotton seems like an option. I’m not experienced with cotton; my only concern is if the bag gets saggy from carrying heavy things in it, it might not spring back so well. :?? not sure.

:sunny: Well I think I will give it a try. I have a wallhanging to finish then will :frog: and start with the cotton. Thanks for the replys. anne

I think Amy may be right - cotton would stretch and not spring back I think. What kind of worsted yarn were you using?

I HAVE knitted this purse, and in cotton! You can see it here. It’s almost all the way at the bottom of the page.

It worked fine. Stretches just a little, but not too bad. And a machine wash and dry snaps it right back into shape. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply Silver… you have so many beautiful items that you have made! :cheering: thank you for sharing! anne

Good Morning, I am ready to start this again with the cotton… There is a part of the pattern that I am not sure of…When using the worsted yarn it did not seem to work right… the pattern calls "Eyelet holes: * K 10, yo needle twice, k 5, yo needle twice, k 10 * repeat between* 3 more times. K next rnd, dropping off all yarn overs. (this will create holes ) " When I did this with the yarn it did not leave holes… is there a trick?.. I “dropped” the stitches as directed… hmmmm stumped lol. Could you help me? :thinking: Thanks so much! :sunny: