Sampler afghan pattern

I want to make an afghan that looks like it was made in squares of different stitches, but was actually knit in one piece. I’ll do almost anything to avoid that much seaming!! Does anyone know if such a pattern exists, and if so, where it might be? TIA

I’m currently knitting an afghan that’s made up of 12 different squares, but only 3 “strips” so not as much sewing up as with knitting individual squares (the thought makes me sudder!). It’s made from Manos Del Uruguay and the pattern isn’t free online, but I’ve seen in it many LYS’s (it’s a Manos Del Uruguay pattern too). There are lots of patterns made this way though.

I just found the pattern to purchase online…It has some great pictures. Is this what you’re looking for at all? My afghan is made of 4 different colours (blue, green, pink and veriegated black) but my Aunt made it out of different browns and cream, it looks gorgeous too.

you could just knit a square and then knit 4 rows of garter and then knit another square and on and on like a big strip. Then knit as many strips of squares as needed then all you have to sew together is the long strips :shrug:

I’m working on a 12 square blanket. My first attempt at knitting so large in one piece. So far so good. I’m just working off 3 patterns at the same time. Row by row by row. You’ll most likely have to make a few moderations to the patterns you want to use though to make them fit. Mine is a little easier because I’m just doing “things” inside each square so I’m really just using stockinette with varying borders and embossed design type stuff.

Losnana, I want to do the same thing because I love it when you get finished knitting something, it’s complete. I even stop along the way and weave in ends so that they won’t be glaring at me when I think I’m done.

I have “The Knitter’s Bible” by Claire Crompton. I went through and picked out about 10 different patterns I liked and then started seeing how they would look together by making dishcloths. That worked and I decided on the following: Fern Lace, Heart Squares, Bobble Circle, Block Quilting and Seed Stitch.

The next step was to make sure that the rows coincided with each other, ie… all had 12 rows except for Bobble Circle (18) and Seed Stitch, which was not a problem. I figured out that the Bobble pattern just didn’t have to be repeated as often and it worked out.

Since I think that size 7 or 8 needles give me the best detail, I figured how wide and long I want the afghan to be and took the stitch multiples for each pattern, added them together, separated them with seed stitches and WHA LA!

Okay, now I have 3 sheets with a total of five patterns. I had a hard time jumping from sheet to sheet so I actually sat down and followed the pattern through, picking up the first row from each, then second and so on. I ended up with alot more sheets of paper but I can actually check them off with a pencil when I complete them…

It is very tedious, mentally and you will have to concentrate but it is possible. I have not completed the project but work on it when the husband and son are gone or I know I’ll have several solitary hours. I want to give it to my Granddaughter one day and it has to be perfect for her.

Good luck and holler if I can help you in any way

I found this one in pattern files: