Sample of Hope Scarf

Thank you, Ma’am! Those are XO cables.

LOL, I think I’m among the minority I LOVE monogamous knitting! I’m a one project at a time knitter! I love to start, knit my project, then begin the next one in line. If not, a project will end up sitting around and never getting done because other things always come up! For example, when knitting my personal A Touch of Whimsy Scarf rather than the one pictured in the design (which went to my sister:hug: ) it took me a year because I decided to try knitting multiple projects as so many do…well, I only had about 3 projects OTN and finished the others and then other things came up and I had to put the scarf aside over and over! So, what would have taken a few days took a year!!! LOL, that is why I’m a monogamous knitter :roflhard:
AND, as if that weren’t enough, the socks that are designed to go with the “A Touch of Whimsy” accessories aren’t yet knit because they were among those in the “trial” process when I was trying to be other than my true monogamous knitting self :roflhard: The pattern is written, but the socks are not yet completed…I have 2 projects to do and then the socks!! And, thankfully, I will then FINALLY be back to my honest to goodness MONOGAMOUS knitting self!
LOL, sorry about the tangent, but I don’t UNDERSTAND how ya’ll can have so many projects going!! How do you get anything finished :shrug: For real, I’m mystified :think:

Nancy, your scarf is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!! When I knit mine I was going to actually use brown because I need brown scarf and accessories (yes, I hope to design the hat; fingerless gloves and socks to go with) but you may have made me reconsider and knit a red one, although now I’m going to have to order more yarn…YIPPEE :blooby: