Same Yarn but my socks have different gauges, help!

Ok, I thought it would be neat to knit 2 socks at once. I got 2 balls of the same kinda of yarn. It is Karaoke, I think, but has a red dot for the o. 50% soy silk/ 50% wool, dye lot 0601 for both of them. I checked my gauge and started knitting. Now it looks like one sock will fit and one will be too small. Checking the gauge on the socks I get 5st/in on one and just over 6 on the other! The balls of the same yarn are different weights! On the bright side the magic loop bit was going well.

Have any of you ran into this sort of problem? Any ideas about how I could still make my socks? I really like the colors.

I’ll post pictues as soon as I figure out how!

Karaoke tends to have slightly different thicknesses running through the yarn. Maybe if you started the two balls at the same spot in the color sequence you’d have better luck having the two socks match in the same places.

Ingrid, Thank you for replying! I’ll match them up and see how it goes. It just seems like a rather significant weight difference.