Same Size Circs but Two Different Brands

I have been asked to make a pair of socks for a very very good friend’s mother who has been very generous to me with knitting supplies in the past. I have no problem with this at all since I LOVE to knit socks.

Here is the problem I do have though. She is allergic to wool & my friend bought a yarn made from corn that is calling for a size 8 needle. I knit my sock on 2 circulars & at this time I only have a 16" in Addie Turbo and a 24" in Knit Picks interchangeable. I am a little leary of doing this but can I use two different circular brands as long as they are they same size?

Thanks in advance for all advice & suggestions.

You shouldn’t have that much of a problem, especially if you don’t knit the same stitches with the same needle every round, rotate them around. So instead of knitting half with one and half with another every round, knit about 3/4 around with one, then switch to the other and knit about 3/4 around with that one. Any difference (which should be minimal to begin with) will be spread out all around the sock instead of showing as 2 ‘halves’.

I don’t have my links available to me, but look up ‘traveling loop’ or ‘single loop’, an alternative to magic loop which you can do with just the 24" needle. It’s like ML, but you only have the right needle looped out instead of two of them.

You can if they are the nickel plated Options. If they’re the Harmonies, I wouldn’t-- the difference in material means a different “grab” on the yarn and the gauge will vary. Just a little, but I wouldn’t do it, especially for a gift. If they are the nickel plated, then it should be fine, but I would check the 2 sizes with a knitting gauge measure, first.

Make sure though that you are using a pattern with the correct gauge. Size 8 is for worsted to Aran to somewhat bulky yarn. The corn yarns I know are either sock weight or more of a tape, and they call for that larger needle because it’s supposed to produce a sort of lacey fabric. But maybe you’re using something with which I’m not familiar. If you want to use corn or bamboo yarn that is truly sock weight, Crystal Palace makes a few, and you can get them on There is also a bamboo sock yarn on, I think.

I guess the short answer is - try it and see how it works out.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will just try it to see what happens. I have put both needles (nickel plated) thru a sizer & they look the same.

The yarn I am using is Cornucopia from Kollage Yarns & is a tape type. When we bought it at Stitches South they gentleman from Kollage said it was a good one for socks. I certainly hope so.

The pattern is the Garter Rib stitch from the Sensational Knitted Socks book so I will be doing a test guage to see how many stitches to the inch before casting on the appropriate number of stitches.

I hope this work cause I really want to get these done before I start on another pair of socks for myself.

Are you on Ravelry? The reviews there say that it’s a bit of a pain because it twists and kinks the way tape yarn often does. Also, not to iron it-- it melts! I’m not sure tape yarn is what I would want to knit socks out of, that it might be uncomfortable. Also, someone had bleeding dye issues with it.