Sally's Combo Corset T

As many of you know, Annie Modesitt was recently on Knitty Gritty sharing a lovely Combo Corset T.
I decided that I was going to give it a go using her combination knitting syle as my Aug. kal. Well, I wasn’t very successful with this syle of knitting having had to frog it several time. I also decided I was finally going to put that skein of Swish I had gotten thru it’s paces. It has held up very well thru multiple froggings, etc from when I was attempting to knit combo style.
Anyway, I decided to alter the pattern for Sally. I finished up when Lonnie and I were out of town on Fri. and had nothing to use for the crochet edge and went to Michaels and grabbed some glittery yarn (Sally is flashy, you know). I did 2 rows of single crochet around the edge and opted for ties rather than buttons, I just did crochet chains for the ties.
Since I only had one ball of Swish this ended up being a bit of a “belly shirt” for the girl!
I loved knitting with Swish and will certainly use it again, hated that glittery yarn, though!
Stats: size 7 needles, 1 ball of Swish, 1 ball of glittery yarn, the results:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :chair:

SOOOOOOOOOOOo cute!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

How cute! :rofl:

Adorable!!! :notworthy: :muah:

Sally, you sexy thing you!


hahahahahaha :roflhard: that is just adorable!!!

Thanks so much! I was too fun to knit! I do think that I may change the ties because I don’t like that yarn, but, all in all in works okay. Especially considering Sally is very, very hard to fit because of her short legs, she walks out of about every sweater we’ve ever gotten her!

:heart: Love it!

Sally’s one hot chick! :teehee:

Thanks so much, guys :cheering:
She is a hottie, isn’t she?! :roflhard: :rofl:

That is one spoiled (and very adorable) little girl! Great job! :cheering:

Hmm… I wonder what it would do for my butt… :rofl:

Too, too cute!!! :teehee:

Thanks, ya’ll :muah:

Oh, my, you said it, she is very, very spoiled! I think she’s as spoiled as my children!

OMG!!! That is so cute!!! Sally is adorable! I am sure she loves her new corset!

THanks! I wish I could say she loved it! But, alas, no, SHE HATES IT, as she does all clothing that I try to put on her… :shrug: what’s up with that?!

She’s German! he he… we have a German Shepard… they can be quite opinionated and stubborn.

gotta love them though… besides, I’m German too, and have the same traits. So I am told.

You are too funny :roflhard: :rofl:
She can be stubborn if she wants, that’s for sure! But, all in all, she’s a fantastic pet and I don’t know what we did without her! She is by my side 24/7. since I am home all of the time, that means a lot, too, she’s great company :muah:

I absolutely love love love :heart: :heart: daschunds. But my DH thinks they are stubborn, too stubborn to actually get one. (I guess he can only deal with the stubborn german wife and shepard!)

This is off topic, but Sally reminds me of this story.

When I was attending college, the local Humane society building was across from the student lot. So everyday this animal sucker (me) walked by and saw this little daschund sitting by the door. (the door was all glass, so it was easy to see her). For months I saw her just sitting there, in what seemed like the most agonizing/heartbreaking way of waiting for an animal parent. I kept telling my mother every day I saw her (I lived at home while attending college) how she looked so sad, she needed a home, I want her, etc etc. Problem? We had two cats. One of which would not take kindly to a dog in her house. It got to the point that I couldn’t even walk on the same side of the street, because I kept thinking, “How could someone not love her and take her home???”

Then one day, my mom tells me that she has an owner. She called and asked about her, asking what her adoption fees are so that she could take her home and surprise me :cheering: but alas, she was the director’s dog! Once I knew that, I went in to meet her. And she was the cutest thing! She “sang” whenever her owner would start singing some tune, and she’d howl right along. Her name was Maggie.

Anyhow, Sally looks just like Maggie. And I say keep Sally styling in her lovely knitted fashions!

Actually, doxies have a rep for beign stubborn, but, I think that can be taken care of in how one cares for the dog, discipline, etc. For example, when called, if Sally sees something outside that needs her attention, like a squirrel, she’ll turn and run after it before she turns to head indoors! It’s sometime the same way with her ball, she knows it’s not allowed inside, but she will pick it up to bring it inside at least once a week, she’ll try to sneak it in. you then have to tell her “NO BALL!” she will then drop it and sulk into the house…she’s very funny…yeah, she’s stubborn, but she’s not allowed to “win” in the end, which seems to have lessened the stubborness a bit!

How sweet! I would have been just like you, wanting the pup, no doubt! LOL, I can hear her singing along now!!!