Sally Melville's Book1:the knit stitch inspiration&instruction

Sally Melville’s Book1:the knit stitch inspiration&instruction .

I feel this is a wonderful book for beginner knitters like myself. I finally got mine and I found it to be very helpful in so many ways. The projects are all in Garter stitch.

I am going to embark on trying to make my first big project ,solo.The 'Einstein Coat’
But I was hoping that maybe someone ([COLOR=magenta]a more qualified knitter then myself[/COLOR])that may have this book ,could guide me along ,if I ran into a problem while working on the Einstein Coat. :pray: Crossed Fingers

Ok, so now that I read that, it’s not really fling solo ,now is it:blush:

Even if we haven’t made the coat, if you run into trouble and explain why, we can probably help you out anyway.