Sally cardigan, issue with yoke


I am making this cardigan:

i have done the yoke:
Rnd 1: Switch to CC. Sl 2, K1, [Sl 3, K1] … to 2 st from marker, Sl 2, K4. Rnd 2 and 3: [Sl 1, K3]… to 1 st from marker, Sl 1, K4. Rnd 4 and 5: Switch to MC. K 2 rnds. Rnd 6: Switch to CC. Sl 1, K1, Sl 2, K1, [Sl 3, K1] … to 4 st before marker, Sl 2, K1, Sl 1, K4. Rnd 7 and 8: Sl 1, K1, [Sl 1, K3] … to 3 st from marker, Sl 1, K1, Sl 1, K4. Rnd 9: Switch to MC. K 1 rnd. [B]Rnd 10: See below[/B]

the last line says Rnd 10: see below so i go to the next section which says:
[B]Work Rnds 1 – 9.[/B] Rnd 10: K1 [M1, K5] to marker; K4 – 149 sts. Work Rnds 1 – 9. Rnd: K1 [M1, K6] to marker; K4 – 173 sts. Work Rnds 1 – 9 as usual. K1 [M1, K7] to marker; K4 – 197 sts. XS ONLY: Work first 8 rnds of set, then jump to Step 3. All remaining sizes, continue. Work Rnds 1 – 9. K1 [M1, K8] to marker; K4 – 221 sts.

the first line of this set of instructions is refering to rows 1-9 but i don’t understand if those are the ones i have already just knitted or i have to another round of rows 1-9.

I am almost sure it is the stitches i have just knitted but i’d like you expert advise, i don’t want to undo everything… i do ennought of that as it is! :wink:

Thank you!

Yes, you’re right. It’s referring to the rows 1-9 that you’ve already knit.
Rows 4,5 and 9,10 are in MC. Repeating from row 1 here would throw off the pattern. It’s a very pretty sweater and the slip stitch makes it look even more complex than it is. Enjoy knitting it!

Hello Salmonmac, thank you for your previous post. I was hoping you could come to the rescue again.

I have done the body of this jumper and i am now stuck on the sleeves. i don’t understand the instructions on the picking up of stitches and what i have to knit.

‘At each gap on either side of the armpit stitches, pick up a stitch from a bit below the edge, as indicated with the extra needle, and knit through the back loop to prevent a hole.’

The instructions tell me to pick up stitches at each gap; is this on top of the stitches that i have to pick up. Plus, when do i actually knit this stitch?

‘Right sleeve: Transfer sts from waste yarn to larger DPNs. With MC, PU 5 (5, 7, 7, 9) st along armpit; PM; PU 5 (5, 7, 7, 9) more sts. You’ll pick up one stitch through each CO stitch, plus one stitch in the gap on either side.’

I have transferred and picked up the stitches. i don’t understand which CO stitch the above piece of instructions refers to?

'Knit around to marker.
SSK. Switch to CC. K2tog and begin Honeycomb Pattern – Sleeve, counting those 2 decreased stitches as the first 2 st of the pattern (the first slipped st and knit st in Rnd 1 – so, you will begin with Sl 3).'
This piece of instructions tells me to knit. Shall i have knitted anything before that because it tells me to switch to CC?

I am completely lost as to what i have to do with the sleeves :frowning:

Any help welcome, thank you!!

You’re making great progress.
Back at step 3, at the end of the directions for the Great Divide and just before the directions for the Custom Size Sleeve Divide, the instructions tell you to cast on sts at armpit:
"Still using MC, K across front to first marker. Drop marker and transfer sleeve stitches to waste yarn. Drop marker and CO 8 (12, 12, 16, 16) st for armpit."
Now the instructions want you to pick up a stitch in each cast on stitch (for the smallest size that’s 8sts) plus one stitch on each side at the gap (again for the smallest size, that’s 10sts total). You’ll knit these sts along with the held sts on waste yarn as part of the sleeve.
You should knit around, picking up these sts at the armpit and working the held sleeve sts until you get to the beginning of round marker and then ssk, switch to CC, k2tog and begin honeycomb pattern. That should make the honeycomb pattern continuous from the held sleeve sts to the actual sleeve without an extra row or a skipped row.