Sale at Michael's

i got as much patons merino wool as i could for $4 a skein. dad’s getting a saddle shoulder sweater in olive green for christmas. woot!

they also have a 40% coupon for this week and next week, so i picked up a nice book at 40% off. this week, i grabbed mason-dixon. next week, i’m thinking about the nicky epstein beyond the edge book. (at least i think that’s the name.):cheering:

lion brand wool is on sale too for $4, but you get a lot less yardage per skein than with patons.

get thee to michael’s, all ye felters!

My store is doing the yarn reset this week. They’ve got the Cashmere out, but not the alpaca and bamboo yet :frowning: The cashmere is Paton’s and hardly has any cashmere in it, but it’s super soft and pretty reasonably priced. Darned if I could remember the price!

Well shoot, I can’t find it online. Maybe it’s not Patons…I’ll be back on Thursday and I bet she has it done by then so I’ll get a better look at it!

ETA: Also, if anyone is in KC North, stop on by if you like furry yarn. They’re selling it 5/$1.00! My manager is sick of looking at it! Yesterday, he let us employees fill up a big sack for $2! I got one sack. Some of the ladies left with 4-5 sacks. There’s a few ribbons, but it’s mostly furry stuff. I figure if I never use it, I’ll give it away, but it’s cheap enough that I don’t care!!


Though they offer good deals on moderate yarns, I’ve stopped going to Micheal’s. The sales people are always so rude! This happens if I’m asking a question or just paying. This has happened to me here in the midwest, as well as back east where I’m originally from.

I no longer give them my business.

I am happy that you were able to get such good deals.


I can guarantee you that it’s not like that at every Michaels store. If I were rude to a customer I’d be fired in a heartbeat. All employees in the store I work in are held to this too. I’m sorry you had such shi**y service, but it’s unreasonable for you to hold [B]all[/B] Michaels stores responsible for a few stores actions.

Plus, If you didn’t complain to a manager about the rudeness, then I really must say that you have no room to complain if you’re not willing to do anything about it. I may be a bitch, but I feel that way about any problem with any store.

Michael’s has cashmere and alpaca and bamboo!? How did I miss this?

It’s new. I don’t know the official roll-out schedule, but it’s at my store anyway :slight_smile: I do know that not all stores get the same stuff, but I can see them making a big deal out of it so I would guess that all stores will get it sooner or later.


can’t wait for MY store to get those cool fibers!

i should also mention that homespun is on sale. i know a lot of people don’t like it, but if you use it for charity knitting, you could get a good deal right now.

Im waiting for mine to get it now! :nails::roflhard:

i live in markham on.
are there any canadians out there
i went to michaels last week
the yarn that you people bought is not at this michaels
they really dont have any really nice yarn
if they ever do have it is not on sale
they used to have a huge selections
when lewiscraft went out of business
it thought for sure that they would pick up the slack
they stock less quality yarn as a matter of fact they have less than half of the stock that they used to have
knitting needles are very expensive
does anyone find this at their michaels

Sylvia, I live in Shrewsbury MA, and our Michaels doesn’t have much when it comes to yarn either. Most of it is acrylics in all kinds and colors, there are two or three kinds of wool and I have yet to see anything in lace or fingering weight. I feel for you! The nearest cool yarn store is about forty minutes away but I don’t have a drivers license so I have to depend on hubby to take me.

Yea! Sale! :cheering:

hi snugglebugmon cute name
i went to another michaels and they had a largerselection
but still no quality yarn
i dont think i will bother with michaels anymore
just to highly priced for what they do have

You have to catch the sales at Michaels. While they do carry a lot of Red Heart and Lion brand, they have some nicer stuff, including Paton’s non acyrilic or blend yarns.

We have to go move my mom in a week or two and there’s both a Michael’s and Joann’s where she lives. Yay!