Sale at

Check out the sale. Looks pretty good to me !!!:woot:
I am not affiliated, just found it surfing.


lol be careful… LTK always has a sale going on… you are gonna get sucked in to her yarny little web! :wink:

(don’t take that as a bad thing btw…lol)

Yes, the prices on littleknits are always great.

I love checking out the site to see if there’s anything I want to add to my stash.

Watch out. It’s addicting.:zombie:

hahahahahahaha, my thoughts exactly when I first read the post!!:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I’M NOT EVEN GONNA LOOK!!! Ya’ll know how i am with littleknits! But, with all of he GOODIES that KristinW gave me in the swap and my mil surprised me by ordering the Sock Wizard software AND then my loving husband surprised me by telling me he won an auction for one of those vintage bell shaped knitting needle gauges AND orded Artyarns Ultramerino sock yarn for me for the GORGEOUS traveling socks i want to knit out of “SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS”…if only I can make it look like these.
And, he just ordered romantic handknits for me yesterday because he knew I was waiting for it to come out!!
AND, as if that weren’t enough, he just came home with these new Crocs for me to wear around the house because he knows my feet and ankles hurt so much and he thought these would help!!!
My goodness…what am I saying, life around here is way better than LittleKnits with the way they spoil me!!!
OH MY, I’m so blessed with such a wonderful family and group of friends…AND…i don’t mean that because of all the goodies, either, they are just a nice perk!

becca- sockbug has the cutest patterns! i love that she also writes out her charts! definantly going back to print some patterns :slight_smile:

Oh, I love her patterns, too! I’ve done a couple of them, but don’t remember which ones because like most of the socks I knit, I gave them away, LOL!

When my husband wonders what the heck all the charges that are about to start appearing on the account are…I’ll tell him YOU GUYS are to blame. :whistle:

There are WAY too many things I’ve found that I want and I don’t even know what I want to do with them. You guys are going to get me into trouble!

That’s fair, considering we are all blaming you! :mrgreen:

so- let’s designate someone each week to catch the blame for everyone else’s flaming credit cards!! a Blame Ring? LOL- my hubby, who doesn’t even read here, calls KH “a bunch of enablers” [with a smile]

Yoo hoo! Check out their latest sales–Noro, Nature wool and more!!:happydance::happydance:

Go ahead, blame me~

and most of the fleece artist is on sale (she won’t be carrying it anymore) i was going to order some nova or sea wool but i am wanting ruby red and she doesn’t have any:teehee: sad for me good for my bank account :wink:

You can blame me too - my dh already says I have a “problem”, so I have nothing to lose:roll:.

Since I don’t have a “problem,” I’ll just give some of my justifications

It’s just a skein or 2 or 3 …
If something’s on sale, it needs a good home, because no one else must want it …
Obviously, we know there is no such thing as too much yarn…
They might discontinue a color …
You might find just the right thing for just the right pattern, and if you don’t look, you might not find just the right thing on sale …
Plus, we have to support our yarn suppliers, and the producers, and the sheep, we have to help the sheep! Not to mention, the alpacas.

So, who needs more yarn?

I like the way you think! I must be keeping an entire flock of sheep and herd of alpacas alive!:teehee: