Saint Patrick's Day Hat to Knit

Help! Does anyone have a pattern or know of a site where I can find a pattern for a hat to knit for Saint Patrick’s Day? It is for a child, but I can make the adjustments! Thanks!

Here’s a clover leaf chart you could incorporate into a hat pattern.

Found this one, should be able to adjust it for a child and it would definitely work in a nice kelly green. I’m familiar with circular knitting if you need some help…we should be able to come up with a pattern. The St. Paddy’s day hat I have is basically a tophat style. Mary

That looks great! I will work on that one and see how it goes!!

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Linda (new member as of today)

You’re welcome, Linda, glad you’ve joined us and I love your site! Mary

Four leaf clovers are an “American thing”…not Irish…the shamrock has three leaves…the symbol ties with the idea of the trinity.