Anyone else a SAHM [Stay at home mom]? or WAHM [Work at home mom]?

WAHM here- 60-ish hours every 2 weeks…office gave me a workstation, and I go in about once every 2 weeks. My kid is in kindergarten… :slight_smile: how about you?

(and SAHM are working just as hard as WAHM- don’t let anyone ever tell you differently!! I don’t know who perpetuates these ideas that being home to parent is “easy street”)

I’m a SAHM to a 7,5, and 2 year old. Couldn’t imagine going back to work, and the thought of it make me :sad:

I’m a SAHM and have been for almost 3 years. I’ll be a WAHM after the first of the year (hopefully), but for now my hands are full! LOL I have 2 girls, ages 3 years and 14 months. Our 3rd baby girl is due in a few weeks. DD1 just started Pre-K this year, which has been an adventure! I looove being a SAHM! The only reason I’m going to start working in a few months is to stash money for some extra things DH and I would like to do…hopefully a short kid-free vacation when he comes home for R&R next year! LOL :woot: We love our girls to death, but sometimes you just need some “Mommy & Daddy” time!

I am a sahm homeschooling mom. I do babysit as I get asked and would love to do more. My daughter wants to make us shirts that say will work for yarn. My kids are 17 11 and seven.

I have a 4 y/o DD and a 3 month old DS. I’m a SAHM but I do own a Photography biz that I’m just starting. :slight_smile:

marykz- That’s nice of your office to do for you. :slight_smile:

ctmax-I feel the same although I love having my photog biz.

Evos524- Congrats on the upcoming birth of your baby girl!

Stirsmommy- That is so cute about the shirts!

Me! I’ve been home since my first child was born. My kids are 8 and 6, both in school now and I’m finally getting my act together to try and do better keeping house. I hate it, but it’s gotta get done and I’m the one who’s here to do it! LOL! Last year I spent waaaay too much time on the computer doing digital scrapbooking and graphic design. My DH is much happier now that he comes home to a clean home, homecooked meals, and updates on the progress of my latest knitting project. I still scrapbook, just not as much as I used to. The computer can be so addicting, especially when you’re home alone for the better part of the day. It feels like human contact. I’m hoping this year to get out more and make some real-life friends to complement my hordes of online friends.

I know what you mean! That’s how I feel.

I was a SAHM for eight years, and I loved every minute of it. I currently work between 25 and 30 hours a week, which allows me to be home with my children when they get out of school. I loved being home though. My house is in terrible shape these days (although I hated to clean even when I was home full-time).

Y’all enjoy yourselves. Even on the days when you feel like passing out on the floor with exhaustion (a feeling I remember well).


I am a childless but married working woman…

I have always wanted to be a SAHM. I am going to be leaving my job when DH gets home from Iraq in 6 weeks. I like my job, but we don’t need me to work finanical wise and after DH has been away for 15 months I want to be able to spend time with him (he gets extra time off after getting home from deployment) and I don’t have any vacation right now and my bosses won’t let me take a leave of abscence… so SAHW (stay-at-home-wife) for me for a while. Plus, we are going to start trying again to have a baby and I hope that I can be a SAHM.

My mom would have like to been a SAHM, but my dad was starting his own business from the time I was little and she had to work to help pay the bills. Now she works for him about 30 hours a week. :slight_smile:

thats how i feel about going to work! my dd is 17.5 months old. i went back to work when she was 3 months and quit when she was 6mo. it was too much for me. and i love being home!

i am trying to be a wahm by dyeing and selling yarn at etsy… we’ll see how it goes!

I love my 2 1/2 and 16 month-old, but I cannot wait to get out of school and go to work. I cook, clean, and take care of the children, but I do not feel like I am making a worthy contribution to our family. Although, before becoming a SAHM, I never worked this hard even on the 60 and 70 hour work weeks. This is the hardest job you will ever completely love.

SAHM mum here. Bub is almost 1, so still fairly new at it. LOL… still working out how to look after him, do the housework and knit all in one day… LOL…

Might look at doing 1 day a week at my LYS if they’ll have me next year. :smiley:

I’m a SAHM. I don’t think I’m very good at it though, especially the housework side :oops:

I’m a SAHM/WAHM homeschooling mom. My kids are 9 and almost 13. I’m only homeschooling my 13 yo for right now.

We have 2 businesses to run, one is a communications company that we started in 1989 and the other is a photo gallery that we just started over the summer. So really, I have a hand in both.

My DH travels all over the world for the communications company almost 200 days a year so along with everything else, I get to be the sole parent most of the time of the time.

Sometimes I fantasize about just having a job in a yarn store.

Gotta go get the kids ready for the day!


I sahm too and although I don’t get paid there is plenty of work involved:wink: I also babysit for a little girl 4 days a week just before school and walk a neighbors dogs twice a day for a little extra cash. I don’t plan on going back to work untill my youngest is in school.

I’ve been a SAHM for 16 years. Although I’m a freelance graphic artist, so I do work from time to time, and a knitting teacher, but that’s only for 4-8 hours a month. So I’m [I]mostly[/I] a SAHM. I love being a mom and homemaker, that is my #1 job. :thumbsup:

WAHM here. I quit teaching elementary special education 2 years ago due to chronic pain. I took up photography about a year ago and have slowly started earning a small but steady income from stock photography. (you can learn a little more about stock photography on the “About” page of my website: , and I’m happy to answer any questions anyone may have.) I am also trying to get a portrait/wedding/event photography business off the ground. I have a wedding this weekend and am too excited! :mrgreen:

I’m a stay at home homeschooling mom. My kids are 7 1/2 and 4 1/2. I love it.

SAHM over here. I’ve got a 15 yo, 3 yo, 2 yo, and a two week old. I’m not sure I have the brain cells to work outside the home right now! LOL I love being at home with the kiddos. (of course, I have a hubby that insists on datenight at least twice a month to keep me sane)