Sahara - wrap and turn

I am working on Sahara - by Stitch Diva. I am near the bottom where it tells me to knit to 3 sts before the marker and wrap and turn. Can someone explain how to do this? I am not sure about how to wrap and turn. I am supposed to knit and purl back and forth for 5 rows where I wrap and turn on each end. Then I am supposed to pick up the 5 wraps. Any help would be appreciated I am stuck. I tried to post this last night but I don’t know if I forgot to click submit or if my post was deleted. Any help would be appreciated because I really want to finish this project but I am really stuck.

check out Amy’s video of a “short row with wrap” found on the advanced techniques page. You’ll see how she wraps the yarn around the stitch as she turns the work.

At the end of the 5 rows, You’ll be able to pick up each of those wraps on your needle and use them as live stitches.

Thanks I will check it out.