Saga Cardigan Sleeve setup

Hi. I’m trying to start the sleeve on this cardi and am having a problem with the instructions. I have my 72 stitches and have marked 8th stitch as the center of my 15 cast on stitches and end of round stitch… But…the pattern will not line up. I’ve tried Starting with stitch 8 of the work and stitch 8 of the chart. Neither works. Can someone tell me what I’m missing?. Thanks

Maybe this one?

When I find that patterns aren’t aligning, I use markers. You might try markers around the sleeves starting at the other side from the underarm. Mark off the pattern repeats and then determine where you would start the chart in order to get that alignment.
It may be that the stitch count on either the body or the sleeve needs to be adjusted but at least the markers save knitting and ripping out.

I may be completely off track with this but as you’re stuck I thought I’d say it anyway, just in case it’s a simple error…

  1. Have you remembered to start with chart ROW 9?
  2. Your chart screen shot looks like it’s highlighting stitch 7 (the column between the 2 yellow lines) rather than stitch 8.
  3. Could you have accidentally turned the work so are working the wrong direction?

Probably none of these things, but I know the errors I make myself and sometimes I just sit and glare at my work until I eventually realise I made some simple mistake which threw me totally off track.

Good luck. It’s an amazing pattern and looks complex.

Hi, yes I am on row 9 and attempted to start on stitch 8 but it doesn’t line up. The yellow highlighting is part of the pattern, I think maybe it represents the center front of the sleeve. I’d have to look at the pattern instructions. I’m sure I read it somewhere. I’m on the right sleeve, slipped the stitches on the needle starting at the back and picked up the fifteen stitches along the underarm…oh think I just got it now. Even though 8 is the end of a round I should start counting at the beginning of the sleeve where I picked up the held stitches?? Not in the middle of the underarm after stitch 8.
Yes, it is so easy to miss a simple step and the more i look at it the more confused I get. Hopefully this is what my problem is. Thanks for yours suggestions, they helped me think things differently.
I’m sure you’ll here from me again when the time comes for steeking! Yikes!!

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I use markers faithfully, but in trying to follow the instructions exactly, it just wasn’t working. So maybe the center underarm stich doesn’t have to be at the exact count they give in the pattern? See below my response to Creations. A light bulb went on when I was reading her notes.

Nothing better than a light bulb moment! Lining up from the underarm is fine but what you’re really after is the alignment across the sleeve especially the outer portion. If you’re off a stitch or two at the underarm you can always inc or dec where it won’t be so noticeable.
At any rate, glad it’s making sense now. It’ll be wonderful to see this lovely sweater if you’d like to post a photo when you finish.

Perhaps this can help?
If you place a marker on the stitch which is represent by this yellow line (centre front sleeve? Is this centre shoulder too?? Somewhere that is easily identified?) you can count back on the chart the number of stitches needed to reach the underarm beginning of round (36?).
As salmonmac said, it’s more important to get the pattern lined up on the outer arm rather than the underarm and perhaps this yellow line in there to keep you centred?