Saddle shoulders

I am knitting a men’s v-neck cardigan (pattern: v-neck cardigan with saddle shoulders style 9608, which I purchased from Etsy.) I was very pleased with the pattern, but am now stuck not having knitted saddle shoulders before. I knitted the garment back (as for pullover style 9607) as stated, and then knitted the right front (as for cardigan). However, having cast off both parts, I do not see the saddle part on either pieces. The front actually was longer than the back, but the picture looks like the seam is lower at the front. I as so confused, can anyone help me…I want to get this finished for Christmas!

Saddle shoulder sweaters that i have made in the past had the saddle on the sleeve. Does the pattern have several straight narrow rows after the raglan decreases? If so, the front and back would be the same length, as the saddle runs along the centre of the shoulder. Hope this helps.

I had not yet knitted the sleeves, so had not looked at the instructions. I decided to check them to see if that was were the saddle shoulder instructions were, and sure enough, they were there! I guess I have learnt to check the pattern first before asking questions…lol!!! Thank you for your help though Pink Pearl :slight_smile: I did find, however, that the front is a few inches longer than the back…is that ok?