Hello! This past week has been soo sad. Last wendnesday the mother of one of my friends died. She was so young, only 52 years old. But yesterday my sister’s in law father died form cancer!! He was only 47 year old!! Whats going on?!! I just feel soo sad for them. I´can’t imagine losing my mon or my dad, i know its going to happen, but so soon?? They were so young, and my friends are soo devastated!
Sorry, i just needed to let it out.:cry:

I’m sorry you feel bad Sig, take comfort in your parents and remember how lucky you are to have them.

Just be there for your friends and you’ll find you’ll feel better just doing something for them.

:hug: Let me know if you need a chat and I’ll give you my MSN details.


Finally some great news, my friend had a beautiful boy yesterday!!! Baby and mom are doing great! Soo happy news! :thumbsup:

I’m sorry you’ve had such sad news. That’s wonderful though about your friend having a wonderful little boy! :hug:

Yeah it’s hard to accept sometimes. It seems to happen more often as we get older.

Great about the birth.

Don’t know why i’m so sad. It just seems like life is so fragile! That everything can change in a second! I know we are supposed to enjoy our lives, be good people… but sometimes you just have too much work, too many bills, etc, that you just forget why you are here… and then something like this happens and you just can’t believe it! it can happen to you and lately you haven’t been around your parents as much as you wanted to because some stupid bill or a stupid argument or a crazy schedule… pfff, sorry is so long, thank you guys for being here.:muah:

Hi sig
I dont know if you have heard the saying that when somebody dies another one is born!!!