Sad :(

I’m 2 days post op. I had my gall bladder out on Thursday. Why am I sad? other than being pent up in the house on a beautiful day???

This weekend is the MD SHEEP AND WOOL FEST!!! sigh…I FORGOT about it this weekend, and had I remembered, I would have thought loonnnngggg and hard for scheduling suregery this week. (I still would have done it tho, cuz it just didn’t fit ANY other time!!!)

So, dh is going to the vegetable man at the fest to get HIS veggies, and I told him what I wanted from the fair…sigh…not the same. But I guess it’d be more like a present that way eh? DD 7 knows where their stand was last year, and what yarn I’m talking about…so at least if they can find it, she won’t steer him wrong. AND if he gets the wrong kind…not really a problem, cuz it’ll be an excuse to get the RIGHT kind next year.

He’s horrid tho at picking out things. It seems the more specific I get, the worse he picks. It’s like he has an anxiety or something. And if I am VERY specific, and it isn’t exactly in the spot, he’ll say they don’t have it…

So, I’m in bed on sort of good drugs…I get a tummy ache with it…so need to lie pretty still…I got up to get something to eat, and back to bed I go!!

I am glad to see that u r chatting with us on KH after your surgery :wink: What a sweet dh you have…going to pick up your yarn :wink: I know it’s not the same as being there…but, next year u won’t have gall bladder worries :wink: Rest well :smiley:

So sorry to hear about your surgery. You might feel a little better when your DH comes home with some yarn. Take care!

I just had a visitor…I feel a bit better…:slight_smile: lol…silly me…

thanks guys!!! I was thinking of borrowing my neighbor’s wheel chair to go tomorrow…but that would be WAY worse than walking…all bumpy…i get icky just thinking about it…it’ll pass this year…

Oh, Honey!! I’m so sorry–I had that surgery years ago!! I hope it’s not as bad now!!

Did your husband take shi cell phone so you could call him or vice versa if he had questions about it!! Good luck–I’m so sorry you could not go! :oops:

If he does have a cell phone, I would ask him to let you talk directly to the owner, that way you could explain exactly what you are looking for and find out what new goodies they have.

Feel better, and sorry about your disappointment. It is a good thing that you got it taken care of, regardless.

I hope you start to feel better soon! Sorry you are missing the fair - but at least you’ll have some special stuff brought home this year. Plus it is a good excuse to spend more there next year!!

I’m sorry you feel bad and hope you mend quickly!!! I Hope your dh brings you back some wonderful yarn :thumbsup:

thanks everyone!!! in the whole perspecitve, i know I did the right thing…but my brat sure is botherin me about it!!! lol…(those that know flylady know about this…otherwise check out

off to do some more reading/sleeping.

The cell phone idea is AWSOME!!! he can describe the tops to me. I suggested tank top pattern, cuz i know he’d know what that was!!! :slight_smile: