Sad...Kokobino site closed down

There was a website that sold “upscale” knitting kits in the UK sponsored by the Coats company. Yargh, they were shockingly expensive (I was :shock: BEFORE I calculated the exchange rate), but the patterns were DARLING! So sad for Kokobino!:pout:

And yes, they probably shut down due in part to the ridiculous prices. sigh I wish I had purchased the girls empire line coat. Now I will have to make up a pattern.:doh:

I’ve never heard of that site, but it is sad when a site closes down. I’m sure you can find a similar pattern though.

Hi there,
in case you are still interested in the Kokobino Coat, I am selling the kit on ebay at the moment. You should find it easily by typing Kokobino into search.
Best Regards, Cerstin