Sad Day

I know I use a lot of sarcastic and impatient humor when talking about my pets and the many ways they drive me crazy but, unfortunately, today is a serious, sad day. Today I am heartbroken and in tears over the loss of our kitty, Xiggy (Ziggy). He really was a good cat and of all the pets I complained about, I never complained about Xig. Behaviorally, he was the best cat I have ever known and sweet as could be, on those rare occasions he was brave enough to be seen. He had a very shy, personality. I’ll miss ya, Xig :heart: R.I.P. Xiggy October 15, 2000 - August 17, 2011. :cry:

Sorry for your loss. They know how to work their way in to your heart as well as your lap.

Very sorry for your loss dear. It’s so hard losing our little loved ones.

I am so sorry for your loss. The loss leaves a big hole in your heart but the love and the memories live on.

I’m so sorry. :frowning: My kitty passed last year and it was very difficult. Our furrbabies are just like our kids sometimes. :hug:

I’m so very sorry! It’s so hard losing a furry family member. I just lost one of my feral kitties last night. :cry:

Very sorry for your loss. It’s such a wonderful, close bond that we form with animals.

I know we had fun with the I really hate my animals thread for a while. But when it comes down to it, you wouldn’t trade your pets for anything. They love you unconditionally and accept you as you are. It’s sad when one of your “kids” dies. So sorry for your loss.

That’s exactly right…The way I see it is you gotta try to find humor in the things that get you down/frustrate you or you’ll go crazy…I might humorously complain up and down about how horrible the behaviors of some of my cats are but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. If I did I wouldn’t put up with their crap (literally). They might be buttheads but they’re my buttheads and it hurts like hell to lose any of them.

I wish I knew what to say, hon. “I’m sorry” or “My condolences” just doesn’t seem appropriate. When someone’s grieving there just aren’t any words that can encompass the feeling that I feel for them. Grief is a hard thing to feel and even harder to heal. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that you find your journey to healing to be all that you need from it. Let your other pets’ grief console you as well, you may be surprised to find just how much they miss him right now as well.

Saying i’m sorry, or anything like that isn’t gonna help, since it’s already happpened. plus everyone else has said it already, so just deal, any way you can, and make sure to spend tons of time with ur other babies. :heart:

I thought of you this morning as I was repairing my knitted slipper. My son’s dumb dog chewed a hole in it. Mom’s sock darning lessons, which I thought were useless, came in handy this time. Despite the crazy things they do, ya gotta love 'em. Our pets are here on this earth such a short time that we have to enjoy being with them as much as we can. And overlook the little things like holes in slippers.