Sad about socks! :(

Okay, I’m so sad. I have been reading all these great threads about wonderful new sock yarns and how much fun everyone has knitting their socks, how portable and easy they are. Now I have the itch to knit some. But here’s the problem - I hate wearing socks! I go barefoot whenever I can. And I have so many projects lined up for myself, I don’t want to use my ‘valuable’ :wink: time knitting socks for someone else’s feet!

What’s a girl to do?


Knit socks for someone else!! I make loads of baby clothes and such and haven’t got a baby myself. I just give them to people!

It’s a great feeling when they open up a gift and see a handmade something just for them. The smile on their face is enough payment for me :smiley:

Knit yourself some cashmere socks. You’ll feel different. :lol:

What about Winter???

Honestly, I rarely knit for myself. I think the only thing I knit for myself was a scarf and an iPod cozy. Otherwise, I knit for other people. I get more joy out of that anyhow.

“Winter” in NC does not get that cold, unless you are my MIL who weighs 95 lbs soaking wet.

u could do lacey socks! I’m a girl that was not a sock wearer unless during winter bc mostly I wear birks (health reasons…and they r very cool!)…but…now I’ve knit thin socks to wear even with my birks…should the notion strike me…but mine are gonna be mostly for winter, I think…or to match some clothes I’m wearing this time of year…whatever…I can always find reasons for knitting socks…for me!! I, too, usually give away all that I knit…but I made a resolution to make stuff for me…accessories, easy stuff…all to match…including the socks…lol…I think I made that particular resolution was so that I could knit more socks…lol!!
I’ve knit socks for others…and they were loved!! Which, to me, meant time well spent!!
have a knitty week

Thanks silver…now I want cashmere socks!! I’ve not done that yet, made cashmere socks…so tell me…where did u get your cashmere yarn for the socks…was it too terribly expensive?!

Well, first I should admit that I don’t have any cashmere socks of my own yet. However, I did make some for a friend for Christmas. The yarn was a laceweight cashmere I found at a LYS in Atlanta… and yes, it was terribly expensive. Especially for socks. But great googly moogly they were LUVERLY socks… more like knitted love for the feet. (I had to try them on before I gave them way.) :oops:

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

okay, kelly…do u knit socks?!! I’m thinking not…cause if u did u wouldn’t find ‘knitted love for the fee’ so :rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling:
Just kidding…that is funny!! BUT…I would say that it would be true…if I were wearing cashmere socks…know what i’m saying?! then…it’d just cover up the (best ever) pedicure that I just gave myself!! My feets feel good…but, upon thinking…they’d feel better, pedi or no pedi … in cashmere…ya’ll could try it out and knit me some…don’t even have to be fancy…but i have big feet…9 to 9 1/2…used to be a straight up 8…then…not only did i expand…my feet did, too…what’s up with that?!
:inlove: :inlove: But those cashmere socks that you (and I don’t care which ‘who’ u r) r gonna make me will look and feel wonderful on my big feet…thanks in advance!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Im totally looking forward to knitting my first pair of socks! And, when I DO, that’s JUST what Im going to call them!

Silver, you have the most wonderful way with the verbage!!

I have a solution Benniesma!..

Knit Christmas stockings!!! Or you can knit miniature Christmas stockings for a Christmas ornament. :slight_smile:

There’s patterns for both these items in the free patterns section, under the Christmas stuff!

Also, is selling a pattern for miniature socks that you can knit up and make into earings.

have fun!

I’m not a sock wearer either, I’m always hot and living in SoCal, winter is not really harsh LOL. You just gotta make socks!!! My first sock is for me to wear with MY Birks…you just gotta do it. They’re so much fun. Almost finished with my DDs sock (man she has long feet!!) and she’s already hit me up for more!

Hmmm, I guess I could be a nice daughter and make socks for my mom. I know she would love a cashmere pair. That would be a great Christmas gift.

Buuuut, even though I don’t like socks that much there are times when I’m forced to wear them. So maybe my first pair should be a kooky pair just for me! After all, I wouldn’t want mom to get the first pair I’ve ever made with all the mistakes. I should test out my sock making skills first so she gets a real nice pair. Yeah, that’s it!

Now to find some fun sock yarn! :slight_smile:

After all, I wouldn’t want mom to get the first pair I’ve ever made with all the mistakes

hehehe…that’s exactly who SHOULD get the first fruits…she’ll love it anyway…

I :heart: :heart: :heart: ALL of the 1sts from my kids, I have this clay bowl shaped item that my daughter made me a LOOONNNG time ago and I keep it out as a paper weight or something…and she’s always asking…why…bc she did it for me!!
Your mom would be so PROUD & :heart: :heart: :heart: it so much to have your very first pair of socks!!
then…when u get better…she’ll be able to compare the 1st (not your best pair) to the future ‘perfect’ socks to all of her friends and say … just look at how good the 1st ones were…who knew she could get better…now, these cashmere cable & lace socks that she just gave me…I just live in them…
now…how can u beat a mom’s love?!
Riddle me that…
make your mama some socks