I bought a skein of a bunch of novelty yarns mixed together to make a scarf at out knittapalooza last weekend. I cast on like a million sitiches to make a legnthwise scarf, and did a bunch of short row shaping at the ends, so it was wider and curlier at the ends, but still straight and skinny around the neck part. It looked KILLERRRRRRRRRRR when it was done! See first pic below.

Anyway, so I wore it to school yesterday, got a lot of complements yadda yadda, and it matched perfectly with the new fire engine red shirt I bought. But then, HORRORS! I got a loop caught on something at school… the whole traumatic event is just a blur, and SNAP, there goes a long string of yarn, and my beautiful scarf fell to pieces at one end. :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:

I came home, all dejected because of my scarf, and I show DH. “look what happened!!! My scarf!!!” Did I get sympathy??? Did I get “that’s okay honey, you can make another one”. Noooooooooooooo. What did I get?

[size=6]“Well, you’d better just throw that piece of crap away; cut your losses while you’re ahead!”[/size]

Then later, while I was still recovering from the shock and winding my dead scarf back into a ball…
“I keep find little pieces of yarn all over the house! If I find any more yarn I’m going to burn it all!!!”

:shock: :shock:

I told him that I need my own knitting studio, and he needs to get crackin on making me a swift so my yarn doesn’t tangle, break, and end up on the floor. HAH!

whahh whahhh WHHHAAAAhhhhhTTTTT !!??!! He said THAT? OMG!
Mine can be that way sometime, then I have a snit about his airplane cr@p… 'nuff said. :rollseyes:

So sorry to see/hear about your scarf… I fear that will happen to me. On the other hand, now I know that I could fix my store bought knits properly. I have a chenille sweather that has cables and for some reason a spot came undone and i just tied it off inside not knowing how to fix it. Now that cold weather is back… I may take a stab at it!

Best wishes on your scarf being reincarnated into another scarf…
And smack that shirtless good lookin’ hubby of your and tell him to shut his cake hole next time! LOL :roflhard:

That is soooooooooooooo sad :crying:
I’m sooo sorry…

:crying: :crying: I’m so sorry about all of your work and the scarf tragedy…and about the testosterone of it all…


oooooooooo thats baddddd!!! my DH prolly would have said something similar! :rollseyes: does your DH have plans on how to make a swift? if so is he willing to share??? :figureditout: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened!

As for your husband… :fingerwag:

:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
argh. sorry that happened to you, Hildie.

score one for you tho in the Hildie smartass comment bank. next time he’s heartbroken over one of his things… whatever you say to him at that time, he’s totally got coming. payback’s a b***h.

Oh noooooooooooooooo!

Save a strand and wrap it around his ankles after he’s asleep. :twisted:

Oh No he DIDN’T!!! :shock: He SOOOOOOOOOO needs to be punished :devil: :devil: :devil:

The scarf was so nice… That is so sad.

Save a strand and wrap it around his ankles after he’s asleep.

Ingrid - If it was my DH, it wouldn’t be his ankles I’d be wrapping it around…

Awwww, it was so pretty too! :crying: As for hubby, I’m PMS’ing this week, what me to come and scream at him for ya?? :mad: I have plenty of hormones to unleash! :devil: :twisted:

:frowning: poor scarf! It was really really pretty… :frowning:

I suppose that’s the good thing about living with a knitting-obsessed roommate. :rollseyes:
It was a cute scarf, though.

:shock: :roflhard: :roflhard: Hear that Hildie?! Sic 'im!!

That was a little forward for my first day of posting wasn’t it?~!

Oh no, no, no. Just shows that you know the language!! :roflhard:

She has the right attitude…she can stay! :lol:

Yup…she’s a KEEPER!! :thumbsup:


:shock: Hildie, EEEEEEEEEEK! Your pooooor pooooooor gorgeous scarf! :crying: Waaaaah!

OMG, what was your man thinking? (You know, come to think of it, I think when you and KellyK were seperated at birth, you probably got most of her Scorpio-ness. Should I just call the perimedics for him now?)

Lisa, you fit right in! :roflhard: