Sackboy Help Please

Here is the pattern.

I am having trouble with the Fingers. I have no clue what I am doing wrong. Is there anyone who has done this already who can give me a better idea of how to work this. I feel like the instructions are lacking the detail that I need in order to get this right. I can’t honestly even explain what it is thats happening in order to explain whe I’m doing wrong.

I’ve made the hands only for this sackboy based on this pattern. Is this the pattern you’re using? It does seem weird but it works. As I recall you knit about halfway along the hand and then turn to knit only on the pinkie sts. What specifically is causing trouble?

That’s the pattern that I’m using. I turn and go back on the fingers and about halfway through if I follow the instructions I would end up with a completely differnet amount of stitches than what the directions tell me to do. Maybe I’m turning when I’m not supposed to be turning.

I think the trick is to only turn when the pattern says to or when it says next row. You start with 12sts and knit across 7, turn, purl 3, turn (or next row as the pattern says) K3. That’s the little finger. It’s a little strange because it’s sitting in the middle of the 12sts (or in the middle of Sackboy’s hand), but that’s it. To finish the pinkie, cut the yarn with a 6” tail and thread it through the 3sts, pull tightly and seam just the pinkie.
Now back to the needles. You have 5sts on the left needle and 4 on the right. Knit 2 from the left to the right needle (that’s the 6sts mentioned in the pattern), turn, p3 and again you’re going to work on 3sts only. K3, cut the yarn leaving a 6” tail, thread through the 3sts, draw up and seam the edge. Now you can start to see how the hand is forming, I think. Give it a try and see if this helps at all.