Saartje's Booties - We know they're cute, but do they stay on?

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’m working on a pair of Saartje’s bootiesand it just dawned on me that I’ve never knit booties before, in spite of the fact that I’m coming up on 50 years of knitting. This must be because my grandmother was sooo generous with booties for my girls, but so few of them were practical enough to be very useful.

So I’m laboring away on these darling little things, wondering if they’ll stay on little feet or not.

Any moms out there who’ve tried them? (Looking through the projects on Ravelry, they seem to be mostly knitted by friends and grandmothers.)

Thanks in advance for any insights!

Judi P in Cleveland, OH

Okay, I haven’t tried them, but as a mother of two grown daughters who wore plenty of booties I’d have to say probably not that well. They’d be cute for a special occasion though and I think I’d want to put them over some plain white booties so they’d look like socks and then they’d probably stay on better.