Saartje's booties questions

I am knitting saartje’s booties…%20bootees.pdf
row 2-8 use kbf to increase. I cannot figure out how to get 51 stitches by row 8. I only get 41 stitches and I’ve done it twice.
Can anyone explain row 2-8 some other way? I would consider my self a novice knitter.
Thank you soooooo much!

I’ve made a whole bunch of these cute little booties.

I can’t get your link to work, here’s the link I use (in case they’re different, somehow):
saartjes bootees
Besides doing the kfb increases at the beginning and end of the rows, are you also doing all the m1 (make 1) increases on either side of your markers in the middle of the rows? It should add up to 51 at the end of row 8.

I thought the m1 was mark 1, it make sense now. Thank you so much!!!

let’s see… you start out with 31 sts.

row 2 has 2xkfb and 2xm1 (+4) = 35 total
row 4 has 2xkfb and 2xm1 (+4) = 39 total
row 6 has 2xkfb and 4xm1 (+6) = 45 total
row 8 has 2xkfb and 4xm1 (+6) = 51 total

The only thing I can think of, is you’re either dropping stitches somewhere, or missing some of the m1 increases.

you’re welcome! Glad I could help!

Feel good being able to help someone, instead of always being the one asking for help LOL

i’m sorry but when i count row 2 of 2kfb and 2m1 isn’t that a total of 6? don’t you get 4 from the kfb cause you are making one front and one back for each of these, and then the 2 for the m1? i’m sorry i’m just confused because i get more than 51 at the end.

I answered your other post about this but it seems like you’ve identified the problem right here. The kfb increases [I]one[/I] stitch each time you do it and so does the backwards loop.

Take a look at the videos and see if it’s clear for you.