What does (s2ppso) mean?

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What pattern is this from? My guess is slip 2, purl 1, pass slipped stitches over. A double decrease.

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One in files preemie and angel babies.

And you slip the two sts one at a time, not together.

After your purl,slip/pass the slipped sts over the purl.

@MumandMimi I’ve not used this decrease myself. Is it safe to assume that the two stitches are slipped knitwise?

Seeing the pattern would be nice but I can’t figure how to find it with the info given.

Here’s a video. In this video the 2sts are slipped together purlwise through the back loop.

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I’m glad you found that video. My search attempts yielded nothing.

One would assume sliped knitwise unless other info given. I once read someone who slipped first one kw, second purl wise. She said it was neater.

Sounds like time to pull out the swatch and test out some of the variations.

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The so called Improved SSK slips the second purlwise. I just reorient the first stitch - grab the front leg, turn the stitch, put it back on the needle - then ktbl. I also pull on the front leg of the second stitch to pull excess yarn from the first before knitting them together.

Why do they use PP to represent 1 purl st?

S2PPSO or S2-P-PSO (slip2-purl-pass slip sts over). It’s sometimes written as Sl2 P1 P2SSO

Oh, purl pass! Thanks for clarifying

T. Keane