i’m sorry to bother but i’m working on a bow neck cardigan and it’s ver difficult. To begin the raglan shaping it says:
K2, p1, k2 (front band), pm, [k to 1 st before marker, M1, k1, sl m, k1, M1] 4 times , k top last 5 sts, pm, k2, p1, k2 (front band) - 8 sts inc’d

could somebody translate this for me please? i’m having a really hard time trying to get it. thanks!

Hi and welcome to KH!
It sounds like you have 4 markers on the needles already and you’re going to be adding in some more to define the front bands. The directions in brackets are repeated 4 times (basically you’re increasing one stitch before and one stitch after the marker).
So the directions are:
K2, p1, k2 (This will be one front band), place marker,
[k to 1 st before marker, M1, k1, slip marker, k1, M1] 4 times ,
k to last 5 sts, place marker,
k2, p1, k2 (This is the other front band)
You will have increased 8 sts across this row.
For the increases you could do a Make one left shown on the Free Videos tab, Increaes, at the top of the page.
Take it step-by-step and I think it’ll start to make sense. This increase pattern will probably continue throughout the sweater yoke.

could you possibly help me with this by translating it please… first time trying something slightly more complex:
Repeat Rows 2-5 until 6 sts rem; k2tog across – 3 sts. K3tog to BO.

Hi and welcome! (You can always start a new thread which may get more attention.)
Yes, the first time through is always much more difficult. Once it makes sense and you see it work on the needles, you’ll be set to go.
Rows 2-5 must have decreases on them so keep repeating the instructions from rows 2-5 until you only have 6sts left on the needle. Now k2tog across the row so that you end up with 3sts on the needle. Turn and k3together. Cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail and thread the tail through the single stitch on the needle to secure it. That’s it.
This sounds like a hat? Or what is it you’re making?