S.O.S I keep froggin!

I was getting ready to bind a lovely scarf I made for a friend when I realized I had made a mistake a couple of rows back–no biggie or so I thought—this is where it’s ugly!!

I cast on 24 (shale pattern)
K–1 row
*k2tog twice, (yo, k1)4 times, k2tog 4 times, (k1,yo)4 times, k2tog twice
Knit—Next two rows
Purl next row. *

:thinking: I ripped back and my stitch count was 28!! Ripped back some more—and got a stitch count of 26! uhg!

:thinking: The Scarf looks great—I have kept count after my rows and haven’t had a probelm.

:doh: :doh: :?? ***???What am I doing wrong??? Where could I be getting the extra stitches.

I’m going to see my friend today and am hoping to give her the scarf—but, I need to little work first—it’s a bit short now :oops:


It’s hard to rip back in a lace pattern because of the yos and dec. I’d try to get it to one of the knit or the purl row and slowly rip it out one stitch at a time and get the needle in the stitch right away, also one at a time.

Ingrid thanks so much for your suggestion.

I have ripped ((half)) my scarf back----and now have 25 stitches!! Should have 24!! I know that much more ripping and my scarf is gone—so, so sad :frowning: .

I can’t seem to get to 24. I’m going by my lys and see if someone can help me —(with 2 year old in tow…ummmmm…this could be interesting)

If anyone thinks of something–please let me know.
Well, if I end up frogging til’ the beginning —all is not lost —I still have a ball of yarn. :blush:


p.s. I think I’ll use a life line from now on.

can i suggest that when you get to one of the knit rows you just knit two together to get down to your 24 stitches or will it completely mess with the look? i would think you could do it on one of those rows where you have to knit two rows without it being funky but maybe i am wrong.

That’s what I would do, too. Just knit two together at the beginning or something and then make sure the rest of the pattern is in alignment.

I visited my lys and 2 “masters” (as we respectfully call them!!) found the extra yarn over immediatedly. --I’m so impressed.

I just knited 3 together where I should have knitted k2tog --Problem solved!!! :heart: :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: :smiley: :XX: :happydance: The ladies liked my “old Shale Scarf” knitted in Fusion so much–that they asked me to knit one for the store. :thumbsup: :happydance:

I picked out some yarn (at no charge) and have started my 2nd Old Shale Scarf.

I’ll post a photo of the scarf I just finished soon.


I’m glad you got your problem solved! Free yarn, too. :thinking:

I think the biggest problem here is that we can’t see/show what other people are talking about. It’s so good you have real live people to go to.