S.O.S. beginner!

Hello everyone!

I hope I could get some advise on a rather tedious and boring mistake I make, without realising when, and how!
So- I start with 23 stiches, and at random points I get more, of course I’d undo everything and start from the beginning.
Today I undid only the wrong rows but ended up having 24 stiches, inspite that I’m very careful and watching closely.
I first started knitting only 3 days ago, and must say have improved with the immence practice, this is my only problem left to solve.

P.S. 1. I learnt from a Youtube tutorial, and also corrected few mistakes with the help from there.
I’m using n10 needles and 4-ply yarn, which did pose some problems initially, but now I seems to be much better.
Only those extra stiches!

Many thanks in advance!

Marsel :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH Marcel!

Extra stitches is a very common mistake for new knitters and they can be cause by multiple different ways. The most common-

  1. Accidentally moving the working yarn from the back to the front of the work. When you are knitting only (garter stitch) the yarn stays in the back. When it gets moved to the front you create what is called a yarn over (YO) which is actually a method of increase or creates a decorative eyelet.

  2. Accidentally picking up the thread that is between stitches and knitting it. This is also a method of increase.

Here’s a link to an entire thread about extra stitches. :wink:

Also make sure that you aren’t working the loop that is left when you make a knit/purl stitch. Simply slide that part off! I know that got me when I began knitting.