S&B 'Spider web caplet'

I made the spider web caplet as part of the monthly challenge. I frogged it so many times I thought I might give up, but I really liked the pattern and wanted to make it to match a dress I’ve got.

I’ve finished, in the end it only took two evenings work. I’m really pleased with the end result, I swapped the pom-poms for beads.

I hope you like it.

I love it! The color is gorgeous! I will have to pull out my S&B book now!:heart:

Sooooooo pretty! :inlove: Might have to make one… :shifty:

It is just beautiful and you did a spectacular job on it!:inlove:

hi just beautiful
and very pretty color
you know it almost looks crochet

Only two evenings work… Now i feel bad about being slow knitter…
Great job!

I’m glad people like it. Nat this pattern is really simple and if you use the chunky weight yarn your supposed to, you’d do it in 1 evening. I kept repeating the rows until I had the length I wanted, it’s the first time I’ve adapted a pattern to suit me.

Wow! That’s very pretty! I can’t believe it only took you two evenings to complete it!!

WOW! :thud: It’s STUNNING!! And you knit it in just two nights?? :notworthy: You’re awesome!! :woot:

Your dedication has paid off. The caplet is lovely. I like trade of with the beads.

Pretty! :cheering:
I tried that one a dozen times and couldn’t get one repeat done…it just didn’t WORK. :oops:

If you copy the pattern from the book it IS wrong, the corrections for it are on the S&B website. Of course I didn’t go looking until I frogged about 4 times!

So it’s not you, go and find the corrections and have a go.

:doh: Thanks. I’m such an idiot sometimes…I didn’t even think to check for corrections. :oops:

Well like I said neither did I for a few go’s. I didn’t think [B]I [/B]had done anything wrong, I’ll go with my gut instinct next time, and check the pattern has no errors [B]before [/B]I start it!

I looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.

Its so pretty! Great job!

Your caplet looks awesome, and like the rest of the posters, I can’t believe it only took you two days! :lol:

I’m a big fan of the S & B patterns, so I always enjoy seeing FO’s posted!

Wow! It’s great to see such awesome results from a monthly challenge!! Nice job :smiley: