Ryan's "Thank You" Mittens

These are my first ever mittens made for my roommate, Ryan, and a thank you for helping me with my transition to Portland, OR. If I’m lost in downtown, looking for my college, he’s on the phone with me telling me it’s a block away. He also took me out for my birthday when I only knew a handful of people here. He’s been so nice, I decided to learn how to knit some mittens for him and here they are. They’re done, btw; I just haven’t taken a picture of him wearing them because he’s using them since it’s so frigid outside. Voilahttp://www.ravelry.com/projects/OldSkool/classic-gloves

Nice!!! I totally need to knit myself some… it’s been too freakin’ cold here lately!

I’m totally down with mittens! So warm and cozy!
Great work!!!

:frowning: I couldn’t see them.

I’m sorry, Wanda. I’ve tried posting an attachment on here, but it didn’t work. Perhaps after I’ve played around some more, I’ll get a picture of them up. If you go to Ravelry, though, and search under “Old Skool”, they should be in my “projects”.

A lot of people are blocked from Ravelry at work and not everyone has it yet either. Click the link in my signature to learn how to post photos here. It may have been too large. Make it 640x480 appx and it’ll attach fine usually.