Rut roh

I love knitting with wool. It’s soooo easy to knit with / stretchy etc…er I think I prefer it to knitting with (much cheaper) acrylic! D’oh!!!

Oh yeah, wool is lovely to knit with! I can’t wear it, but I can knit with it so I use it for charity items and others who can wear it. :thumbsup:

I wouldn’t touch acrylic unless someone else forced me to.

In defense of Acrylic…Vanna White yarn is really nice to knit with and uber soft. I also like Bernat Super Value, but those don’t really compare with real wool.

I don’t react to wool, I have a Scottish wool sweater I wear sometimes and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Yarn snob= trvvn5! :lol: You’re not alone though I wonder what people like me are supposed to do if we couldn’t touch acrylic unless forced! :teehee:

I’ve been knitting for 4.5yrs now and I’ve found both good and bad acrylics. Some of them are just beautiful, and others are like knitting with sandpaper. I avoid those. I buy a lot of my yarn at my LYS and I try to get some nice blends that work beautifully. :thumbsup:

It’s funny because I felt the same way until I WAS forced to use acrylic (baby stuff for my brothers baby). Well I guess I wasn’t forced, but I wanted it to be washable and I didn’t want to spend the kind of money it would take for superwash wool; we’re really not that close, but I wanted the kid to have something from me!

I didn’t even buy the ‘nice’ acrylics people usually quote on here, but I’m not hating it as much as I thought I would.

I still prefer wool or wool blends, but I have a hard time wearing them as well. I made myself a super cool pair of fingerless mitts that I ended up giving away cuz they were too itchy :o/

I totally am a yarn snob. Although I did use some Caron Simply Soft to knit my partners cabled scarf with and that was actually kind of nice. But he did force me to use it.

I supposed that I’m not all that opposed to acrylic. I just really really hate the acrylics that are scratchy and feel like they are plastic. I just can’t take those. Even the Vanna stuff is a little too plasticy for me.

Guess I’m a yarn snob too … LOL. I only use cheap acrylics to practice new techniques/stitches because I don’t care if I have to throw it away! And of course some of my “trim” yarns (i.e., eyelash, etc.) are acrylic, but I only use occasionally.

My favorite yarns are alpaca, angora, cashmere, qiviut, silk & wool … all the natural fibers. I just love the way they feel!


I’m with you Lady. I think you just listed all my favorite fibers too. Although I really love to work with cotton too, and I only like to work with natural fibers if they have some nylon or some other support fiber mixed with them.

I loved wool from the first time I touched it (making a cap for my son, which he immediately washed and ruined). But I still knit with amny acrylic blends because everyone I knit for needs to wash things. I’m making myself a summer sweater in bamboo… I can’t wait to see how it feels.

Thats probably going to feel fantastic.

Yes I much prefer wool to any other fiber although I do like Encore Worsted, a wool/acrylic mix that is machine washable. I also love Patons Classic Wool. I recently bought some Caron Simply Soft for some charity knitting and made a blue scarf that turned out really well. They had some on sale in victorian rose, one of my favorite colors that I couldn’t resist and am using for a long sleeved polo shirt. Nice for an acrylic. Just hope it washes well.

Do you guys notice any difference in where the wool was “grown?” I’m totally digging this Cascade highland Peruvian stuff. It’s not the least bit scratchy and I dig knitting with it. First 100% wool I’ve ever knitted with it. Plus I got a skein of over 400 feet for $19.95, not super cheap, but cheaper than buying bajillions of those tiny balls/skeins, eh?

It’s not so much where the wool is from, but from what breed of sheep. Merino sheep produce a very soft yarn because the hairs are longer, highland wool is a shorter hair and btw I find it rough and scratchy.