Russian Join with New Color?

Greetings, I have learned the Russian Join :slight_smile: The video on this site was so helpful! Thank you, Amy!

My question is… Is it possible to use the Russian Join to start a new color of yarn at the beginning of a row - or anywhere in the row that you would need to start the new color right away?

When I am practing the Russian Join, there are at least a couple of stitches in the old color that need to be knit before you get to the new color. Am I doing anything wrong or is the Russian Join just meant for joining a new ball of yarn that is the same color as the old ball?

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We have the Russian join on our Tips page under Joining a new color, so I think it should work fine. You just have to put it in the right spot when you need to change at a specific spot.

It’s [I]really [/I]hard to get it to be exactly where you want it. The same problem can occur with a felted join for wool.

What I’ve done to get closest is to knit to the spot where the new color starts. Then put a safety pin through the yarn at the exact spot and tink (unknit) back to till you have enough yarn to accomplish the join you want. Do the join and remove the pin. It’s not always perfect because your gauge can change slightly, but it should be closer. YMMV

Hi Jan,

Thank you very much for the tip. I will try this :slight_smile:

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Ruthie :o)

That means ‘your mileage may vary’ or - not everyone will get identical results.