Russian join help needed

I’m changing to a new color on my son’s hat. After going through the joining yarn videos, I want to try the Russian Join method, to avoid ends poking through. How do you know where to put the join so it’ll be where I want to change colors? The video is clear enough with just ends, but doesn’t really show where the work in progress is. I want to change color at the beginning of a new round.

Using the russian join for changing colors will be pretty hard. It’s not easy to get it exactly in the right spot. I’d just start knitting with the new color in this case myself.

Okay, thanks for the advice. My next question would be, how do I put the new color in? Do I use a slip knot? I’ve never changed colors in a piece before, but my six-year-old insists he wants the two colors…

You can just start knitting with the new color. You can also knit with the two colors for a few stitches to avoid a hole if you don’t mind the two together for a stitch or two. I usually do it this way, but you can also twist or wrap the yarn from the previous color over it and then when you weave in the ends pull it a little tighter to get rid of a hole.

IF you are using feltable wool you can felt the joins and get it pretty darn close to the edge of the round.

what I do when the color needs to be exact, I wrap the yarns around each other and pull the one end so the new color starts at just the right place, and leave the other (new color end) overlap to knit in
then I weave in the end of the Old color


Well, I joined the new color last night (before I read ecb’s reply) Since the old color is blue and the new color is red, white, and blue variegated, I just line up a lenght of blue from the variegated and knitted the two colors together for a few stitches. It looks okay for now. I’ll definitely try your technique when I have two contrasting colors. Thanks!