Russian bind off - i need an expert

Hi All!
I just tried a russian bind off for the first time. I used it on the back bit of my lacey top which is completely straight accross, only thing is now it just looks frilly. I guess i bound off too loosely, even though i didn’t even change needle size! I tried to undo it and I’ve already created a mess, dropped some stitches and it just doesn’t look right. Undoing a standard bind off is so easy but this russian one is proving to be a real pain. Any ideas? Has anyone tried and successfully un done a russian bind off?
ps: This russian bind off would be a good one to add to the bind off video section!

Incase anyone is confused what a russian bind off is, I’ve just found out that its also called a lace bind off. It goes like this
Purl 2 sts sl the two sts back onto the left needle without twisting. P 2 tog. P 1 sts rep from * untill 1 sts remains

I’d appreciate any help given. I thought of running some elastic through just to tighten a bit but now instead of frilly it looks horribly gathered like Ive done a one-over-two bind off. :cry::frog::frog::cry:

Have you tried very carefully to unravel one stitch at a time? The p2tog would make you have to do 2 or 3 sts at a time, but I think you could do it if you pulled gently and picked them up with a smaller needle or a small crochet hook

OH No!!! Its a total mess. way way way too difficult to work backwards, ive tried going very very slowly with size 2mm needles at the ready, scissors in the other hand incase of any little tangles, sewing needle in between fingers, and yet i’ve never lost so many sts! I give up, Im frogging to my last life line and just doing it all again…:frog::frog::frog::cry:

Sorry about that. I know it’s frustrating… Good luck!! Hope everything works okay for you this time around.

try a lifeline/destination row if you have trouble with tinking?