Russell Crow knits

Maybe this is old news but there was a blurb in my local paper about a lys offering men-only knitting classes. At the beginning it mentioned that Russell Crow knits. :thumbsup:


I’m not sure that knitting has done much to calm his nerves or teach him patience. But hey—he knits!

The man is enough of a menace with BLUNT objects. Imagine giving him a pair of knitting needles!

russell crowe is hot!

wellllllllllll…i have heard that he really doesn’t knit…which would certainly have to believe that to be true from the way he is holding those needles.

yeah i heard that too. but he’s still hot.

On “The Art of Knitting” DVD, the instructor gives the student-chick the OPTION of holding her needles like a NORMAL person or holding them like Russell is doing above. I can’t imagine HOW one would knit like that, but apparently it’s possible. Now, I kinda wish the chick would have chosen the freaky way just so I could see…

My dear friend, Maggie, learned to knit while visiting Northern Ireland. She holds her needles like she is holding a pencil-----I still don’t get it. It does seems similar to, but not exactly, the the way Russell is holding his needles. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Russell Crowe can hold my needles anytime he wants, anytime. :smiley:

INGRID! Never in a million years would I have expected that from you! :shock: :wink: :thumbsup:

:happydance: [color=violet]GO INGRID! [/color] :happydance: [color=indigo]GO INGRID! [/color]:happydance: [color=darkblue]GO INGRID![/color] :happydance:

INGRID! Never in a million years would I have expected that from you! :shock: :wink: :thumbsup:[/quote]

Well if Jude Law knits. . . . . … . .hell, even if he doesn’t! :blush:


Well just as long as they keep the knitting needles away from Tom Cruz. He could hurt himself and anyone else within a 10 mile radius.

He’s probably a master knitter–why not? He seems to be an expert about everything else! No such thing as a chemical imbalance, indeed. Let him have a baby and see how it feels afterwards!

I agree, Russell Crowe is hot !!:heart: :shock: :heart: :shock: :heart: :shock: :heart:
I would let have Tom Cruise have knitting needles if it would do one of two things… keep him occupied so he would shut the H up… or poke his eye out! (ok, i don’t mean that, but somebody please, push him off the edge of the earth for me would ya! along with all the other celebs to numerous to mention that drive us all scooters!) :roflhard:

Amen to that! I think I need to go lie down… Phew.

Don’t get me started…

This link says it’s not ture, he doesn’t really knit: