Running out of yarn for project. Yarn discontinued. Need Help with options!

I am working on the “Einstein Coat” from the Knitting Experience book. It is oversized and the bottom of the coat is knit in garter stitch. The bottom is knit from coat opening to coat opening, so it is garter stitch turned on it’s side. The cast on edge is a crochet cast on and is the finished edge of the coat opening. My problem is that I thought I had calculated enough yarn for this portion of the coat and used a yarn I had in my stash for it. I think I’m going to be a few garter ridges short of what the pattern asks for. I can think of a few options and will put them here for you more experienced knitters to comment on and perhaps add your own options:

  1. rip it all out and make something else with the yarn
  2. Somehow put an edging on the open edges and extend the all the way up to the collar, but the question is How and what?
  3. instead of using button holes and an overlapping front, use frogs as a closure so the ends butt up against each other, adding an inch or so to the circumfrence.
  4. buy the same yarn off ebay in a different dye lot and take my chances and/or re-dye the whole piece of knitting (it’s wool/acrylic).
  5. Deal with it being a smaller circumfrence, and lose some weight:mrgreen: But then what about adjusting the rest of the pattern which is picked up from the upper edge of the bottom (in a different color). I’d be picking up fewer stitches.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I made one of these once, not the coat, but the shorter jacket, in the largest child size. You were planning from the beginning to make the coat more than one color? Is that the case? If so maybe it would look all right to make a button band in the second color. You would make the lower part as big around as you can minus enough for decent sized buttonbands. Then when you pick up the top part you would pick up what is there and when you have it done pick up stitches along the whole front edge on each side and knit on button/buttonhole bands.

If you were planning to make the coat, maybe you could start over and make it shorter, like a jacket or a shorter coat.

The losing weight option never really works for me, but is a great idea if it is realistic. :slight_smile: With this option or the button bands you would pick up fewer stitches than it says to. I can’t remember what kind of system they gave for picking up the stitches along the top of the bottom part (for instance, pick up one at the end of each garter rib, or whatever), but I would do it the way they say only over fewer stitches.

I’ve heard dying acrylic is harder than wool and a blend might not dye well. I don’t have any experience with dying, if you’ve done it you know more than I do about that.

If you can find the yarn on e-bay there is a chance you could find the same dye lot. I have found yarn from different sources with the same dye lot. I was amazed, but happy. If you find the yarn, ask about the dye lot.

Good luck.

Yes, I was planning on using a different color for the top part.

So it will look okay to pick up stitches along the entire front edge from neck to bottom? Should I pick up through both loops or just one?

I guess I could re-knit it into a shorter jacket but I’ve already done all that work and I so much want to move on to other great projects I have in mind. I think if the different colored band will work then I’ll try that first on what I have so far to see if I like it. If I don’t like it, I guess I’ll rip it all out and just chalk it up to experience.

As far as dying, I’ve never dyed acrylic but I have dyed wool. Wool dyes very easily with acid dyes and a big pot of hot water.

Do you know of any other sites where I could look for yarn people are getting rid of? The few sellers who have my yarn on ebay do not have my dye lot.


So it will look okay to pick up stitches along the entire front edge from neck to bottom? Should I pick up through both loops or just one?
I’m not sure how it will look. Preferences vary, what one might approve another might not. I’m not sure how the give of the sideways garter will hold up as the edge of something with a buttonband. It might be fine, I just don’t have any experience trying it. I think I would try picking up both loops to give more stability.

Other sites that might be prospects? Try the “Buy, Sell, Swap” folder here. And if you have Ravelry you there is probably somewhere there you could inquire and reach the biggest number of knitters and crocheters around.

I know starting over is no fun. If you put it aside and do your other project you are anxious to start in on and come back to this later it may not seem so bad. :slight_smile:

Which yarn is it, someone here previously gave me this link but I have never used it!