Running out of yarn dilema

I am making a rectangular shaped garment that has ribbing at both ends and seed stitch in the center portion.

It is knit from end to end with each ribbed section being 13 inches. I am currently in the center section and am afraid that I will run out of yarn somewhere in the ribbed section. Is there anyway I can knit the ribbed portion (k1P1) and then attach to the center section? Anything similar to the kitchner stitch that works in patterns other than stockinette? A seam would be very obvious.


I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but is it just a matter of joining in a new ball in the middle of a row rather than at the beginning of the row?? If so, you are just as able to switch mid-row as you are at the beginning.

The problem is budgeting the yarn I have left to make sure I end up with 13 inches of K1P1 ribbing. It is more important that both ends of the piece are the same length.