Rune Charts?

I’m hoping to hunt down charts for the runic alphabet, if anyone knows of one. The friend I tuaght to knit is Asatru and is eager to be able to knit a throw or something with runes … knitting is a very spiritual thing for him, as well as being relaxing and just plain fun, so he’d like to be able to show that in something of his own making.

Anyone know where I can find some? I suppose I could make them with software, but I was hoping not to have to buy software just for this.

If you have ones to scan, you can make you own charts with this, no purchase necessary. :wink:

There are rune charts Lavold’s Viking Patterns for Knitting.

I was going to suggest the book Ingrid did, it’s gorgeous. :inlove:

That is a too cool idea !!!

Oooooh. I can get it on Amazon pretty cheaply too, since my library doesn’t carry it, and I’ve not seen it at any LYS.