Rulling Stones Pull Through Scarf help

So a friend of mine is in love with the rolling stones and she wears scarves all day every day. Since it’s Spring now, though, I wanted to make her a pull through scarf/cowl with the rolling stones tongue logo on the pull through part. Problem is that I’ve never made a pull through scarf before!! Any help with basic designs or creative input would be so very much appreciated!! this is the rolling stones logo i found, was thinking of adding by duplicate stitches

You could look for a simple pattern for the scarf and use it as a guide for the basic shape. I think that I would knit the main design color (red?) into the background with the intarsia technique and then go to duplicate stitch for the details.

Most of that type of scarf are called “Keyhole Scarf”. If you look at Ravelry you’ll see there are a lot of them. Most of them seem to have pattern detail on them, but you can most likely easily alter that to make it plain so you can add the design.

yeah just the word “keyhole” helped me find sooo much more haha. thank you :slight_smile: