Rule of thumb for increases when cable knitting a blanket

I really enjoy cable knitting blankets but often get an hour glass effect. Is there a rule of thumb for adding stitches so you get a square or even ends.

Usually the pattern will have u cast on some stitches, knit 8 or 10 rows of Garter stitch for the border and then increase a certain amount of sts evenly across the row. That will help it to not pull in as much. Then, right before you knit the upper border, you decrease the same amount of sts evenly across the row.

What is the name of the pattern you are using??


:crossed_fingers:I am not using someone else’s pattern, I have been working on some of my own creations. I know somewhere I saw a pattern or video that gave a general number of stitches to increase by. I really thought it was on this site but I have not been able to find it. One thing I have done is to cast on the total number of stitches with a smaller diameter needle then switching to a larger diameter for the cable part then back to the smaller diameter to finish off. While this works in some cases, it doesn’t work for all. I was hoping someone would have a magic number or recipe they could share :crossed_fingers:

This is some of the hard work involved in designing your own patterns, figuring out how to accommodate cables. You could try some test swatches in the cable pattern and in ribbing, measure the gauge and determine which stitch counts are needed. I’d interested if you can find that useful magic number since the cable itself as well as the number of cables is going to affect the outcome.

I went through some patterns I have and made some swatches and came to the conclusion that there is probably not a magic number. But, to get started 2 or 3 stitches seem to work with most patterns depending on how much cabling there is. I am working on a honey comb pattern for a large blanket, I tried adding 3 stitches per section of cabling and it got me close but I still got a slight “hourglass” effect. I think adding a few more stitches would have worked but adding 4 stitches per cable section would be too much. All in all, I think when starting from scratch it is better to make a sample or swatch.
Practice makes perfect!