I did a search on here to see who is knitting rugs and I didn’t find much. Not a hip thing to do?

I find it’s a great cheap way to give my house some color. Our new house is all tile downstairs sand there is a horrible echo. I’m frantically trying to take care of that.

Are you doing them with bulky yarn and large needles?

My first one I did with Super Saver and size 8. I just did knit all the way so it went pretty quick. It’s not the most durable yarn for a rug though but it’s in front of the sink so it’s not a huge deal.

I am doing a 4 strand sugar-n-cream yarn on 13 needles now. Going much faster and it’s durable. Needs to be since it’ll be in the foyer.

The downstairs of our new house is all tile. The echo is killing me. Hence the thought of mine to make rugs.

I guess I would be afraid they wouldn’t hold up to the traffic of 2 people and 2 dogs. The ones I buy barely handle the traffic and weekly washingss. If I made one I would make everyone walk [U]around[/U] the rug so as not to get it dirty.

I’m working on an oval one for my house. It is out of Paton’s Classic Merino, sage and cream… I’ll felt it once it’s done. I’ve used 2 strands throughout so it should be nice and thick.

I JUST downloaded a sugar and cream pattern for a throw rug! We have a seasonal camper and a few of them would be great there! Way to use up some stash… :wink:

In clearing out my drawers of all the old “been there/done that” tees I have I decided to knit a rug with them. Have just finished turning them into my “yarn” and am looking forward to knitting a bath mat out of them or maybe, to preserve them a little longer since the rug will be, in fact, a little memory rug of crap I’ve done over the years, I’ll use it in my room so I won’t have to step out onto a cold floor of a morning.

I think rugs are a cool way to use up some stash yarn. Although allowing people to trample on them is a little depressing. HA!

Me and my daughter have just gone through her closet and got rid of all her old clothes that does not fit or is not the thing to wear when you are 13. Ended up with a big black sack full of clothes. Where I live the charity shops are extremely picky in what they will accept so 95% would not be suitable for them.

Now today while in the charity shop I came across a rug making book that among others features crochet rag rugs. so now I have taken all her clothes out of the bin and will now make a rug for her bedroom floor with them. Just cut them into strips and crochet with them one strip at a time. Thought that was a neat idea, definitely better than just throwing the clothes away.

I knit rugs all the time! Mostly for the bathroom, but I did a large area rug 6.75’ x 5.5’ in strips.

I have felted all 8 of the rug I have made.

One of my next projects is to make a piece of yardage (60" wide after felting) to upholster a club chair an ottoman.

Kurango I love your rugs, beautiful

I just remembered that one of my old knitting magazines had a pattern for a rug that used really big needles like 15mm or 20mm and then cast on as many stitches as you want your blanket to be using 10 or more strands of yarn. so sort out all your yarn in colours or mixes of colours and start knitting when one or more ball of yarn finishes just add another ball of yarn in what ever colour your fancy and knit away knit in the end as your go. came out really good in the magazine

Great Looking Rugs, Kurango!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:

:happydance: the rugs are very pretty!!

Yeah, when I put down my first rug, I told my husband that no one was allowed to walk on it.

Kurango, those rugs are so pretty,they should be wall hangings. I couldn’t bear to walk on them.

I’ve made braided rugs out of old clothing, love the process and the finished product.

Those are beautiful rugs. I am looking for a pattern for a toilet mat with rounded edges. I haven’t had any luck yet.

Plus, I have a huge stash of 100% Acrylic yarn and I thought may I could double the strands and use that to make a toilet and bath mat. Any ideas?

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I understand that consignment shops can be picky about what they will take, but do you not have Goodwill, Salvation Army, and some of the other charity thrift stores? I have never known them to turn down usable clothes

DUH! Now I see the date.