Rug - Runner

This turned out more like a runner. I would have increased the ‘height’ of it but no more yarn available and it was getting quite heavy. 295 stitches on circs and double stranded. I am going to attempt to lightly felt it when I can grab a washing machine and a suitable place to dry it.

By the way… it was knitted ‘length wise’ on the circs…or the longest edge was on the circs.

Wow I like how that turned out. I’m not sure I could cope with that many stitches on the needles I think it would drive me insane :teehee: I’d be so scared of dropping a stitch and having to tink something with that many stitches hehe

I dropped three stitches across the whole work but it was more I was tired and dropped one of the two. I am terrible at picking stitches up well and without that showing but in this and because it’s going to be felted it wasn’t a big deal. I put regular lifelines in because of the weight primarily in the end. I worried the cord would break even though I always had the knitting on my lap.

That is a cool rug and a lot of stitches to manage! I like your color choice.

Will you post a pic post-felt?

Thank you. Yes I will. Some time ago I asked about felting something flat and a poster said they sometimes felted using a toothbrush while the item was flat. I don’t really want to lose much on the dimensions but rather thicken it up. Obviously you do lose in felting but I’d like to minimise that and more stress the stitches to fluff out and grab. It will be an interesting experiment! I swatched and actually used just a green scouring pad and then ran the swatch under hot water a few times between goes with the pad. It wasn’t quite good enough but not bad. I’ll do another swatch and use a nail brush this time.

I just read somewhere … and I can’t remember where or I would give credit … to use those “body scrub” gloves to hand felt. I think that might be easier than trying to hold on to a scrubbie or toothbrush. Your rug is beautiful, can’t wait to see it finished !

That’s a good idea Debbie as you would be working both sides at once.

I like the colors! Boy, I know that was hard having all of the stitches on those needles!!

Well, it would have been hard to fit the extra five on to make the 300! :slight_smile: