Ruffled Spiral Scarf

I have purchased Chrysalis Yarn hoping to find out how to make a scarf from this yarn. Does anyone have a pattern with learn how instructions ???
Thanks Grandmavic

Welcome to Knitting Help! I moved your post here to the pattern forum. What’cha Knittin’ is for showing off you’re work in progress or finished objects. :wink:

There are a lot of Chrysalis yarns can you be more specific…what is the name on it and what weight is it?

There are also several ruffled spiral scarves. Do you have one in mind?

The spiral scarf pattern is inside the yarn wrapper on some. The directions are very simple. Open the yarn out by pulling the sides apart. The bottom has a border. Take a 7-9 knitting needle and go in 7 of the lace holes at the top. This constitutes a cast on of 7 stitches. Turn it around and use the very next lace hole as the thread to knit off those 7 stitches. Turn it around and do it all over again. Several hours later, you have a scarf. I saw a video on you tube once but now I can’t find it. Good luck.