Ruffled Skirt

Here are some pictures of my latest project - Ruffled Skirt - I made for my grand daughter. This is a project I have wanted to try for several months, but since I do not consider myself a “Knitter” in the sense of many of you, I was a bit hesitant. Much to my surprise, this was quite easy (after my second attempt) and I think my grand daughter will look adorable in it.

That is adorable. I’m sure your granddaughter will love it! You’re a knitter in every sense of the word.
What yarn did you use?

It is gorgeous and just adorable! She is going to love it. Love the colors too!!! Everytime I see someone post something adorable for a little girl makes me kind of sad I have no little girls to knit for only boys.

You certainly picked the right yarn for this project–it looks like it has little pearls all over it (does it?), which is perfect for a little girl (well, [I]some[/I] little girls; others of us only wanted to play in the dirt when we were that age)!

And what an adorable little skirt it is! No doubt it will make your granddaughter into a whirling dervish, if she isn’t one already! :wink:

That is just adorable! She’s going to love it!

Love it! I saw a pattern like that in Creative Knitting with a little bolero to go with it but was too timid to try it. Was the ruffled yarn difficult to work with?

Perfection! How very cute! Love love love!

That’s really cute!! :inlove:

Great project! Congratulations on finishing the skirt! It looks perfectly adorable.

The yarn is Salsa. I received the pattern FREE with the purchase of the Yarn from http:///

I have been working with this type of yarn for almost a year now. I know some have difficulty with it but not me. I have made hundreds of scarves and now have ventured out to skirts and shawls. Hope to try a different twist (excuse the pun) on the scarves to give them a different look. I will post pics after I figure it out.

Adorable! Lovely job.

The skirt is absolutely adorable. Love it, and so will your granddaughter.

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery prety!

That skirt is too adorable. I think your granddaughter will feel so special in that flouncy stylish skirt. I know I would love to see a pic of a little one in that. It looks like it was difficult and time consuming to make. I bet you get tons of requests for more.